Thursday, October 4, 2012


SO much has taken place...School started C Cakes turned 3, Big C went to Washington, Cheering, dance, soccer, cross country, church activites, FCA,Engineering, drama production,Big C elected HOSA Pres, Homecoming, Sweet Pea turned ONE!!! OH MY! And on top of keeping up with everyones activities I'm now working 2 jobs!! Data entry which is really a halftime job working 20hrs a week and still doing a photography biz all while being mommy fulltime!! Needless to say the blog has been neglected. I will try to upload some photos soon and give a more detailed update. But for now its naptime which means worktime :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

A year has passed

Hard to believe it's been a year ago today since we lost my step dad! I can't even tell you how many times we have wanted his input and advice on things!! Yes we joked and it annoyed the hell out of us that he always knew everything about whatever came up! If he didn't know it he had the time to google and call and figure out how to do it!! And that we have missed time and time again!! He seems to like to make his point through flickering lights....seriously twice we were either talking about what he wanted or deciding what to do and out of the blue the light around us flickered! DooDooDoo!!! I always knew my mom was an amazingly strong woman but she could never have proved it more than over the last year and a half!! If the first year is the toughest then I think she will be A Okay cause she really couldn't have been dealt a more difficult 12mo than what she just conquered!! Now for her to enjoy retirement!! Through the year time and time again I was reminded that blood is not what makes you family!! I will always be sad that Kyrie and Caull won't know their PaPaw but know he is watching over us all! Not sure if that is good or bad :) guess if my lights flicker we'll know!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


2 weeks later!! :) Sue Bee Sue Bee!! Not sure she is really excited about 1st grade...she'd much rather take her teacher with her!! Finished up the year reading up a storm! I think she made the rounds through all the grades to read to their classes! C Bear rocked his awards this year!! Every single award was checked on his list except perfect attendance (which he missed by like 30min the day his sister was born)Most proud was he got the Citizenship award second year in a row! The kids must be really bad in his grade ;) We survived the 6th grade...they really should make Tshirts! She is excited to be starting middle school! I think this one is going to be our athelete! She's excited about trying out sports!! Not sure she'll like morning practice though! As for now she's ours that likes sleeping late on Summer mornings! She is at church camp this week! Sit back and hold on tight!! The next 4 years is going to be a wild and crazy ride with Red!! 12 days into Summer and she has already been to cheer camp and at church camp now!! Hard to believe this time next year Big C will be starting the application process for college!! WAY TOO FAST!! He did get the job he applied for he is now just waiting to turn 16! He will be working at the hospital! He is volunteering until then doing what he got hired to do! He has already been to leadership camp, he goes to nationals this month, TN on a church trip in July plus another leadership camp and then will start work the 1st of Aug!! Crazy busy! But he should be an phenominal leader by the end of the Summer!!


On May 27th we had the honor of watching Red confirm her faith in God!! It was the most awesome confirmation services I have seen! The pastor included each child into his sermon. They each had a bible verse chosen for them. Hers was Romans 15:13 Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. As he came to Red he touched on her smile and Joy that she brings with her everywhere she goes. He nailed it!


2 quotes for the day!! "Astrophysicists assure us the universe has no center. Therefore you cannot be it." and If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money ~Abigail Van Buren~ We may be way off on how we raise kids totally messing ours up- but it hasn't shown through "yet" at least!! Both of these quotes could be the motto for our family!! It gets so hard to teach kids that you have to work hard for everything you get in life! It makes me sad though sad that the world is lacking people that my kids can grow up and relate to. It makes me sad that most kids just say I want and it appears because they are "special". What ever happened to earn the money and buy it yourself? So many kids these days do believe it all revolves around them! Yes we support our kids dreams and we act like the scribble on the paper is the most beautiful thing ever! But at the same time we tell them you put your pants on one leg at a time just like the boy next to you. So yes all our kids are "special" but everyones kid is "special" the ones who work a little harder, give a little more effort, and have priorities in check end up having a little bit more special life!! But sadly the speech the first quote came from has come with debate....heaven forbid we give it to these young adults straight heaven forbid someone break it to these spoiled kids that if you want others to think you are special you might have to actually work for it! Heaven forbid someone say you are special- but not near as special as your momma brought you up thinking you were! :) The second quote ties in with the other and I came across them in 2 completely different areas in the same hour!! Though a vacation to a private island does sound nice at times!! Heck just 5 minutes alone at this point would be nice ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012


In the last 2 weeks my youngest 2 have sure decided to grow up on me!! :/ I started watching Sue Bees teacher son (2 wks older than Sweet Pea) 2wks ago. By the 2nd day Sweet Pea decided to show off and start slithering. That would be her form of scooting and she is just about as fast as a snake too!! Can't believe she is coming up on 8mo (that went too fast) She is starting to have much more personality too still tough to get a smile out of her unless she's in the mood but those are happening much more!!She says bye, blows kisses and does the silliest faces!! She is a good cross between Red and Sue Bee depends on the day! As for my C Cakes...he is talking,counting,learning colors,learning signs :( turning into a little boy to say the least! As for the rest of life...we are on countdown mode!! 7 more school days!! Yes I am counting down because I am ready to have my kids home and a slower routine! Most assume I count down dreading a house full of kids!! NOPE we actually like having em around :) Although it seems the # of days all 10 of us will all be home together are few and far between!! I was never one to shuffle my kids between grandparents, aunts ect all Summer but now that my older kids have so many trips each Summer I cherish every bit of time with my little ones that much more!! Even if it's just lazy mornings at home and afternoons at the pool!! I LOVE SUMMER!!! BUT before that we have awards, banquets, confirmation, job interview (Yep thats right Big C interviews for his first job tomorrow), about 3 more field trips, field day, Kinder graduation and I'm sure other things that I'll be told about the night before!! ;)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Food On The Table

My new favorite thing!!

Can a favorite thing be a web site?? Well mine is!! I got a free lifetime membership code a couple months ago! Google maybe there are codes still out there!! I tried another menu site last year and it was OK but nothing like this! First you put in the store you shop at. The site then pulls up menus that work around your stores sale items. And when I say menu I mean you get a TON to choose from! I can then go in and adjust my serving size (cause yes no recipe is for a large family) Once I choose my recipes for 2 wks its on my menu...I then hit get grocery list it will show me everything I need to make everything on my menu. I then can delete what I already have. Once thats done I can pull up all sales at my store and add what I need to my list. And if I still have things to add I can type it in myself! My menu stays earmarked so I just have to pull up the recipe for the day and its all right there. It gives you all the nutitional info and you can request diet specific recipes too! I've been using this for a couple months now and there has not been a "bad" recipe yet! Its given us a change in meals, saved me a TON of time, and probably a little money too! Even if you have to pay the yearly fee it is well worth it!! ****UPDATE**** Found this on another site.... Sign up and use the code “SPRINGFREE” through the month of May and you can get this service for NO CHARGE!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


This past Sunday not one but 2 of our kids were marked as Christs Own Forever! We had waited to Baptize C Cakes because his Godmother wanted to be present. Sadly she hadn't made it back home since we had asked her to be his Godmother. Plus the fact we were between churches. Needless to say she called me the Wed before Easter saying I'm coming home! (it was sudden because her mom was sick) but as I met with the Pastor he was unable to do a private Baptism he said he'd rather not have the Godmother present and Baptize in front of the congregation. :( So we went ahead and scheduled the Baptism for that Sunday morning. 3 hrs after Godmothers flight was to leave! But once looking at dates it was all that would work until Aug/Sept. Once I told my dear friend I got a phone call... "I changed my flight I'll be there!!" And that my friends is why she is my sons Godmother she is beyond AWESOME!! Little Sweet Pea was also Baptized needing to have it done before the dress was too small!!
As with all things it was performed in perfect C Family style!! Holy Water...missing! C Cakes helped Baptize himself by putting his hands in too. A little crying when C Cakes tripped but recovered quickly! Sweet Pea did good! Not thrilled about water in her face but no crying!!
All our other kids were Baptized in the Episcopal church- we are now attending the Lutheran so this was our first Baptism there a little different but was very nice! The kids all love our new church and the people there are all so sweet and supportive. Wish we would have made the move 15yrs ago when we first considered it. I will always be Episcopalian but right now its all about our kids and this is where they need to be!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Assumptions made about a Large Family....

I just love when people live their life off assumptions they make with no real information!!! AND don't find it a bit rude to voice such assumptions!!! SIGH!!

Yes I have 8 I am not Catholic or Mormon and no YOU (ie Govn't) are not raising my kids! I have never even had a gallon of milk purchased for me! It took me forever to pay with my debit card because I know people watch me pay and I never wanted my card to be mistaken for food stamps!!

It's been a few years back but one of the parents at a birthday party says "how can you afford this?....oh that's right your mom helps" Really news to me!!! Would my mom help? Absolutely if I asked!! In all my kids parties I can remember only one that my mom helped with and that was because a lot of extended family was down and the year before our AC broke so I think she wanted a well shaded area oh and that was when I only had 2 kids!! So NO we actually care for all our children ourselves!! Food-Clothes-Medical care-Parties it's us all us!!!

We do hold our children responsible for certain things!! The reason is not because we can't pay's because we think its important for kids to learn the difference between needs and wants! Cheerleading is NOT a need, popular brand clothing not on sale not a need, we pay tor limited activities and I will buy them clothes but my clothes rule is it must be on sale!!! And guess what I am only one of 2 kids and I gad to do the same! AND I am so very thankful my mom instilled that upon me!! Already my older kids appreciate this they go places with friends and twice now it has been said she's so spoiled she just expected her parents to buy whatever when she asked it was very annoying!

Another favorite comment... "Oh at least you have older kids to help" spoken always from those who do not have teenagers. We will leave all the kids home to go grocery shopping or run errands but we maybe twice a year ask the older kids to watch their siblings while we go "out" The purpose of family though is to work together to make the house/home a better place. So yes everyone in our familiy helps others to make life run more smoothly. I sure hope that is still how families with three kids do things but sadly it seems less and less work together to accomplish anything! I remember frequent family yard days as a kid! chores are chores and kids need em!! The other day we were planting our garden... I told my oldest I can't hold her and plant the garden so which would you like? He quickly said give me her! Point being from the outside our younger kids may seem like a "chore" but obviously not as much as yard work!

My most favorite comment "How do you do it/ afford it" I usually just smile and say day by day!! When I want so badly to say I make them my PRIORITY! :) I don't put my need of new clothes before my kids! I do not expect "ME" time when that could be family time! I spend 23hrs a day at home cooking/cleaning/caring for kids not out shopping, lunch dates e friends, playdates all that costs $$$ and I learned years ago all those things make for a very crabby hubby!! We choose to be debt free opposed to trips where we break the bank to get a break from our kids!!! The same people who ask this question are usually the same ones eating out all the time and spending their weekends out drinking with the girls / boys!! All about priorities!!

So in a nutshell no it is not easy, no we never planned on having a large family, (we tell our kids we wanted 2 we just can't decide which 2 to keep!) :) Oh and if we did not keep a sense of humor we would be CRAZY for certain! Oh and no we don't rotate shower days! Showers taken daily ;) yes it's been asked!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I wish I could use Winter (causing me to hibernate)as an excuse to be SO behind on updates!! But did it even freeze here this year?? Guess the only excuse I can give is trying to keep up with a house,husband and 8 very busy kids!! This won't be much of one either seeing I hear a baby whimpering and it's almost time for big kids to get home!! BUT Sweet Pea/ "E" aka Ocho is doing great!! Spoiled beyond belief but great!! At her 4mo well baby check I mentioned her eye was crossing still- "getting better" but still crossing! Dr scared the doo doo out of me wanting it checked right away!! Well "right away" in health care was this month AND her vision is fine she is not cross eyed but the bridge of her nose is big making it appear her eyes are crossed (yes Drs quote)!! Alrighty then corrective eye surgery NO nose job well maybe!! She is precious big nose and all! She did decide to roll over this weekend!! I told you shes spoiled she doesn't ever lay on the floor so how could she roll over any sooner?? Glad she's #8 or I'd be freaked out that she isn't meeting every milestone as everyone things she should!! She is just skipping some of the basics and moving on to bigger more productive means of survival!! Not sure who spoils her the most... She loves Big C- Red is a little mother hen to her- Squeaks ehhh she doesn't like her crying so much- CBear adores her and she thinks he's the funniest thing!-Poor Sue Bee really only gets to enjoy her on the weekend cause she comes hm does hmwk eats and goes to bed Kinder wears her out!!K Baby adores her and C Cakes has started to really show her a lot of affection lately (mainly cause we are getting past Flu season and I actually let him touch her now) Go ahead with your germaphob comments but knock on wood she has only had one cold in a family of 10 something works! So that said she has finally gotten out of the house a little more (of course your thought of getting out a little and mine are still probably polar opposites)But i am excited Spring is here so we can get out of the house more!! These are her Easter pictures!! it took 8 people to get that one smile-she doesn't give em much!!

Quick update on others... Big C is at state comp for Eng this weekend, next he goes to state for HOSA, then who knows what follows :)
Red made Freshman cheerleader! She is very excited but i think reality hit when she saw how much her half was to pay!! Don't i fit "cheer mom" perfectly (oh hush i might can pull it off...or not) :/ I had to keep reminding myself its her life not mine and she really wanted this!! So i am excited for her!!
C Cakes is getting big talking much more and is definitely a TWO year old...I really hope he proves me wrong as I usually laugh of parents of 2 yr olds and say wait til 3! :) He is a handful but his big blue eyes save him often!!

The others are all fine just not much to report!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Homemade Laundry Detergent

About a month ago I decided to try homemade laundry soap!! I LOVE IT!!! Smells great, clothes are super soft, gets stains out great, and super cheap!!! The babys skin is even less irritated!! AND it takes no time at all to make!! So below is the recipe because many have asked what I used!!

4 Cups - hot tap water
1 Fels-Naptha soap bar
1 Cup - Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda*
½ Cup Borax

- Grate bar of soap and add to saucepan with water. Stir continually over medium-low heat until soap dissolves and is melted.

-Fill a 5 gallon bucket half full of hot tap water. Add melted soap, washing soda and Borax. Stir well until all powder is dissolved. Fill bucket to top with more hot water. Stir, cover and let sit overnight to thicken.

-Stir and fill a used, clean, laundry soap dispenser half full with soap and then fill rest of way with water. Shake before each use. (will gel)

-Optional: You can add 10-15 drops of essential oil per 2 gallons. Add once soap has cooled. Ideas: lavender, rosemary, tea tree oil.

-Yield: Liquid soap recipe makes 10 gallons.

-Top Load Machine- 5/8 Cup per load (Approx. 180 loads)

-Front Load Machines- ¼ Cup per load (Approx. 640 loads)

*Arm & Hammer "Super Washing Soda" - in some stores or may be purchased online here (at Baking Soda will not work, nor will Arm & Hammer Detergent - It must be sodium carbonate!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas pics

Not the best pictures seeing they were taken at the worst time of day as we headed out the door for ringing the bell for Salvation Army BUT everyone does have clothes on and their hair is brushed!!! That IS an accomplishment in itself 2 days before Christmas!! ;)