Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chatter Chatter Chatter Box!!

K baby has decided that talking is a fun skill in the last 2 weeks. It is always funny to see what they pick up on first. Of course the very firsts; months ago were NO and WHY!?!? But as she was jibbering in the car and I had no clue what she said I turned and said "No Way!" She looked at me and said "YES WAY" (guess that's one I say too often) She seems to have a bit of her youngest brothers personality...a tad bit silly and mischievous!! She is one strong child. She can hold her own as #6! Lets pray she learns to be a little gentle with her younger brother or sister! She does seem to realize there is a baby but only time will tell on how much she understands about it all. Lets hope jealousy doesn't show its face when we've been so fortunate 6 other times! Hard to believe that she will be 2 years old in just 2 short months!! So funny how they go from baby to little person in just a matter of months!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shirley Temple

Well I went this AM and watched the cutest red headed Shirley Temple. She was chosen from her class to be "interviewed". They have worked for months on these biography projects. To say the least I completely believe her when she tells me she will work as a TV anchor. She has better public speaking skills then most adults I know. She memorized her entire report to resight as she was interviewed and I don't think stumbled a once. THEN she ended the interview when asked "What song are you most famous for" by standing up and singing "It's a good ship lollipop......" she sang a good portion word for word!! She ROCKED!!! I wish I had it on video because it was just AWESOME!!! Think we will be attending many drama productions in the coming years......

Thursday, May 21, 2009

9 More Days Of School!!

I do not think I have ever been SO READY for Summer! I swear this has been a really tough semester around here! I am probably more ready for Summer routine than the kids are!! Does anything really beat afternoons at the pool!?!?

As of now I am busy trying to get things organized around here so we can just enjoy our break. Once Summer is over we will be welcoming Baby C or K so trying to be prepared!

I do have a wonderful husband but could live without some of his wild ideas! His latest was to have the house painted....the entire house excluding bedrooms. So that meant to move everything, take everything off the wall and the painting started before EASTER and just got finished!! :) So after over a month of feeling like we were in the middle of moving we are now in the process of putting everything back in its place!! You know why not? I have nothing to keep me busy in the normal daily routine of cooking, cleaning and caring for a family of 8....that's all left for the little fairies who come and do all those daily chores!! :) Slowly but surely I shall reach this goal too!

Little Red celebrated her 11th birthday :0 last week! Can you believe she is 11 already! She is gearing up to complete elem school and moving up in the world. She continues to be a wonderful leader in her school and continues to be our sweet firey red head here at home!! I really should have known when she let me labor for 24hrs came out sunny side up and hasn't stopped running her mouth since!! But oh how dull our life would be without her in it!!

C Bear lost his first tooth lastnight!! He looks so big now with a gap in his mouth! Only problem now is Sue Bee is trying to get one of hers to fall out.....

Speaking of Sue Bee she has FINALLY gotten her pet pig!! Wilbur! She loves this little guy! She is so very sweet to him singing to him and being his "mommy". She can't wait to take him swimming at the pool and to teach him to dance!! Here is a picture of she and Wilbur. This is right after a bath...he's not that pink anymore!

As for the others they are all just gearing up for the end of year. Wave Pool parties, Fiesta Texas, Field Day, Picnics, Awards, Graduation you name it we will be celebrating it in the next 2 weeks!

As for now though we intend to be ring in what should be the first weekend of Summer by seeing who can and can not still swim....

I hope to get the older girls birthday pictures taken Monday and I'll post them before their next birthday (maybe) :)