Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well here it is another year... Some years you enter with a little more hesitation than others. This is one of those years!!

2010 was for us a pretty good year. If we could take the last 2 months of it away it would have been clasified as pretty awesome!! :) But I guess we have to count all 12!I know our year will be filled with more joy and blessings than sorrows but when you know there is inevitable sorrow on the horizon it is easier to be pessimistic instead of optimistic!!! But I know that things which do not kill you make you stronger. So I will make it a point to see the silver lining in all things. To count every blessing no matter how small it may seem. And know that He Is the same yesterday~today~and FOREVER!!! I will praise him in the good and in the bad and know that the "why's" are not for us to understand!

As we enter 2011 I am blessed with a wonderful husband with a job he enjoys, kids that are healthy and awesome, a business that I can do when I want and be my own boss, and more finacial stability than we have ever had!! (ALL on our own with 7 kids if I may add) :) So though life with our extended family may offer challenges and sorrow. The blessings and joy within our immediate family just couldn't get much better and for that I am beyond grateful!!!

May you find many blessings in your life in 2011!!