Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So Hard To Understand.....

Tonight for the 2nd time in my life I had to view a casket only 3ft long!! That is something that should just not ever occur. Surrounding this casket were pictures of an 8lb 6oz perfect healthy beautiful baby boy! Tomorrow I will have to view a casket 3ft long for the 3rd time.... 2 babies taken before they turned 2weeks old from 2 sets of parents 12 hours apart just can not be understood!! In life we don't see the full picture and may not ever understand the why in things but I hope these families find a way to make it through!!!

And it's over!!

Christmas is never really one of my favorite holidays. Too much Hoopla and drama. We didn't have a lot of drama this year only because we are so use to the same ol $hit we just don't really care anymore and the older kids are smart enough to see things on their own!!!! Hubs and I find it funny that as kids we stayed at our own homes and grandparents came to visit us and our mothers fixed the meals. So here we are the family trying to keep up that tradition by inviting everyone to our house and every year only my mother comes willingly and excited to see her grandkids Christmas Day!! Hubs finally told me this year NO MORE catering and taking up an entire 2 additional days to celebrate just because people don't want to come to our house Christmas Day!!! With 7 kids and a husband who won't always be off Christmas Day we have to do what works. His new rule is come Christmas Day or put it in the mail!! I'm so sure that will happen! Through it all we are learning how to make life easier on our kids once they have kids!!! :) Surely w/ 7 kids we'll get invited somewhere for Christmas! Although watch now my kids will fall into this new trend and expect me to host Christmas til I die!! So here comes the end of December.....That means HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! May 2011 bring you many blessings!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Take the time to see Christmas in the HEART of others!!

Most people comment to me "oh enjoy these years they grow up so fast" "oh if I could see Christmas in the eyes of a child again" I can not argue with any comments like that and it is precious don't get me wrong. But last night something more meaningful and more precious occurred. This in the heart of my 14yr old!!
As I posted last week about my heavy heart- I think it has affected us all. But last night on the way home it was just the older 2 kids and I driving hm. Red asked me if she could use her babysitting $$ to buy the little kids Christmas (she's saving for camp) I told her to use just x amount instead of from 2 nights. She didn't think it would be enough. Trying to remind her about it not mattering the amount but the love you put it in. So I suggested we go to the dollar store because the lil girls would love a coloring book or book from there. As we listed who else to buy for I said I don't even know what to buy for "Jennifer" What I wanted to get we just can't afford this year. I laughed and said "well unless ya'll don't want your gifts" a couple miles later Big C says just give me my cleats (he was there when we bought them and this would be pair #2 in 3mo) and take the rest back it'll be there in a year and I don't HAVE to have any of it. As he then got Red onboard proceeding to go inside and get Squeaks and Cani Bear to give up just one gift request. (they weren't having it). About half an hour passed and C came back to me. Mom I have $$$ in savings (used only for educational purposes) can I borrow from that and go buy what we discussed I'll pay my savings back with my Christmas $$$ this way nobody else has to give anything up!!! Fighting back tears I said "no we'll make it all happen you've proven a lot to me tonight and I'm glad to see the spirit of Christmas in your heart."
Actually he TAUGHT me a lot lastnight!!! I work off such a tight budget and try to keep everything so "equal" that I often let that get in the way of the whole picture. Sorry I get it from my mother who still makes sure my brother and I have the same # of gifts and the amount spent is within dollars of each other. (we live 3 states apart how would we ever know??)
So anyone who says they want to see Christmas through the eyes of a child....I'd much rather see it through the heart of a teenager ANYDAY!!
The item was purchased last night w/ about a 25% discount making it not much off the "budget" that can now burn in hell :) None of the kids sacraficed a gift and my son opened my eyes to the true joy of Christmas. And to the person who said to me "you have everything in the world you want there is not one single thing you desire for Christmas" Honestly NOPE not one damn thing. I have EVERYTHING my heart could EVER desire and then some!!!!! It makes me sad that so many people really do have wants when they have EVERYTHING right in front of them they just don't take the time to enjoy it!!! Thank You Big C for having a heart of gold!! To think a family member called him immature this Summer....There are grown men who haven't a heart THAT selfless and sincere!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Word of The Month.....

CANCER- Not prejudice against age race or sex. A disease that has a mind of its own and is a real A$$hole!!! (not quoted from Webster)

I sit here with a heavy heart because of this monster. All of the cures for so many things and this one continues to kick the ass of the human race! Last week it was an adult I was concerned with being diagnosed with the disease. Then Sunday I find out a friend from childhood has a 4yr old daughter who has a brain tumor. She had surgery yesterday to see if there will be any treatment to try. My heart breaks for a child I've never met and I think any mother reading this just got a knot in their stomach. A healthy happy 4yr old one day to this..... makes me remember there are no guarantees in life! If that's not enough from this Beast Big C has a friend who I believe has lymphoma. When he told me this this Summer I couldn't give my son false hope. I told him to stand up for his friend if anyone picked on him, to be a friend to him always and above all to pray for his friend. But to realistically know he may not ever graduate from high school...That friend is not doing well. 63-15-4 you just never know what life has in store for you!! I have just looked at my kids today and tears fill my eyes. I just couldn't imagine.... so this holiday season I am reminded to cherish every moment~ make fabulous memories for my children~ and remember there are no guarantees those who are with you this Christmas will be there the next!! Old~ Young~ Healthy~ Sick no guarantee

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh almost forgot...


He'd been taking steps for a couple weeks but I'm tough on my kids... they don't get credit until they walk more than they crawl!! So he got up Monday the 15th and decided his feet were perfect transportation! By the end of that week he was trying to run!! Watching a baby walk just never gets old!! So funny!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Here we are the end of Nov.....

Well another month has come and gone! Can't say it's been the greatest month of 2010 but as always I'll make lemonade if you give me a lemon so I'm drinking up.... a lil cold for it though maybe lemon and my spiked hot cocoa would go together too!

Sue Bee turned 5 on the 15th!! She LOVES her birthday! She has such an awesome spirit and love in her little 5yr old heart! She has looked forward to being 5 I think for 2yrs.....last night I told her your birthday month is almost over! 11 more months and it will be back when you turn 6. She looked up and said "mommy I want to stay 5 FOREVER!" Wouldn't that be the perfect age to stay......

Along with November ending come the holidays....oh how I have a love hate relationship for them!! I HATE HATE HATE Thanksgiving. Too many people spend 335 days out of the year being unthankful- greedy and well pretentious. Then all of a sudden Thanksgiving arrives and they want to proclaim their thankfulness for everything!! SAVE IT!!! Wake up EVERYDAY thankful for what you have been blessed with and appreciate your family instead of the 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas!! So needless to say we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving. We teach our kids to be thankful everyday not just the last Thursday of November!! We stay home eat a non traditional meal- watch football- movies whatever and give thanks for our everyday life!!

And now here approaches Christmas! Tis the season to anticipate when the #%&@ will hit the fan!! Why you wonder well because we are horrible people who want to stay in our own home for Christmas. For many years we toted kids from house to house after getting up at the crack of dawn- kids had to leave toys behind- and spend HOURS driving over the river and through the woods kids SCREAMING the entire way!! By the days end we had tired cranky kids- tired and cranky husband and wife- and ALWAYS some other unhappy family member because we didn't eat there, didn't get there early enough, or just plum didn't stay long enough!! SO about 6 yrs ago we decided NO MORE we will invite everyone to our house! You would think this would be a welcome invitation- food- gifts- kids.... unfortunately this always comes with a dose of drama and trust me in the next 25 days at some point $&%^ will hit the fan :) Tis the Season now isn't it!!

So we try to ignore the outside negatives and focus on our kids- our traditions- OUR memories!! The kids always look forward to the Advent calender. This year they each have a day of the week to remove the symbol. Along with removing their day they are to do a good deed for someone. This may be help with someones chore- read a book to lil sis- something to GIVE to someone around them! People often wonder how we do Christmas with this many kids... Keep in mind I'm a planner I've been getting gifts for almost a year- black Friday sales have nothing on the sales I find all year!! But we also try to stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas instead of trying to stimulate the economy. Yes Santa comes to visit we are weird but not THAT weird!! :) (I'm kidding I know many reading this don't do Santa) But Santa is not the main focus of our day or the season. We encourage our kids to think about and think of things we can do for those less fortunate. My FAVORITE part of Christmas is on Christmas Eve when the kids give gifts to each other. The elementary kids "buy" things with points they earn reading and Big C took the $$$ he earned ref'ing and bought everyone something (with NO encouragement from us) Each kid gets excited about seeing the others open what they gave and the lil ones LOVE getting a gift from big bro and sis! It is the perfect example that it is not how much $$$ you spend on a gift its what you put into the gift that matters!! The "magic" of Christmas really only pertains to K baby and Sue Bee this year but the "spirit" of the season grows within our family every year as our older kids are growing up! Many worry about how the material side of Christmas will influence their kids when they grow up. Well a friend who has a girl Big C's age did not allow their kids to believe in Santa they are christians the kids go to private school but they didn't want the Santa therory to influence the season. I thought at the time about doing this but now seeing my older kids values of the season I know Santa does not carry near the influence as we do so I enjoy the very few "magical" Christmas' with the lil ones even more than I did with the older kids. Because I know oh too quickly how fast they grow!!

So in case the weeks get crazy as I'm sure they will.....


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Word Of The Day........

Pretentious - Definition 1. appearing to have an unrealistically high self-image 2. made to look or sound important

I've worked hard since I was 16yrs old (actually probably younger because I made good money babysitting but 16 is what Uncle Sam knows about) :) I may not have several framed pieces of paper on my wall to show everyone how educated I am. And I am by no means classified as upper class. Guess what THANK GOD!
I am finding as I near middle age more and more about the people around me. I am losing respect I once had for some and gaining respect and admiration for others. That respect is based on lifestyle and a lot around the word Pretentious! Some may think "well she is just jealous". I myself thought that at first too. But then I realized I'm not jealous because I don't desire what these people have. If I desired these things they too would be made my priority. My priorities remain spending time with my kids and husband. So to work several jobs or work and go to school isn't, wasn't and probably never will be a priority.
So back to my word Pretentious... it irritates me that some people feel all those framed papers on the wall some how make them better than those around them. Each place value on a check makes them just a little more superior then Joe the plumber. There are 2 ways I look at these people. Example A the people who went to school to earn those degrees so they could decorate their walls brag about what school they went to, will add each letter before or after their name to show others their accomplishments. Example B is the one who wanted to educate themselves to better the world or those around them. They have those pieces of paper sometimes more tucked away in a desk drawer at home. And unless they are in the current role will simply write their given name no need to add anything more. Example A drives a brand new high dollar vehicle. Example B a non flashy get me from point A to point B. Example A shops at the high end retail stores to spend 50% more than Example B did just so they can say "Oh I got that at ______". Example A coupons? discounts? those are for people who don't have what I do. Example B no we'll go to the movie early to get the cheaper deal. AND my favorite Example A will make sure others know what they have but never pay it forward. While Example B will donate his time or money to those in need. Example A you may think of as the Pretentious one and yes probably is but I think my Example C fits it to a T. That person who has no education, married into $$$, when you start talking with them they quickly bring the conversation to what's important (themselves), they will never hesitate to tell you all about their brand new car, their latest trip, show you their newest electronic toy to which they will also brag about how much they spent on it, they talk frequently about people they know that are successful thinking that by association it adds to their own quality. And this is the person that will quickly assume they are wealthier than, better than, and more important than the above Example B. I feel very sorry for both Example A and C. I am sorry they have such obscured priorities.
I know I am rambling and seeing it's 3am the day after I buried my grandmother this may make no sense point is- We all came into this world pretty much the same way. And none of us will live forever. I believe it boils down to 2 groups of people those who could have been wealthy if they hadn't worked so hard trying to prove it and those people who ARE wealthy be it with actual $$$ or with life/love itself. In raising my kids I hope I can instill 2 very important messages One-Honesty is the best policy and Two- Everybody puts their pants on one leg at a time!!! No matter what they do in life I hope these beliefs remain in each of their hearts. That they will become successful by fullfilling whatever their dreams may be but when they do to remember their roots.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The "punny" family

So with hubs changing jobs, trying to play catch up, and starting holiday shopping Halloween was just not an expense we wanted to go "ALL OUT" for this year. So I see Americas "Cheapest" Family being interviewed on the Today show last week. They were bragging about their $4, $14, $16, and $18 costumes....well move over I'm taking your spot.... 6 Halloween costumes for under TEN BUCKS for everything even the tape I used! (that is NOT a piece) may not be beautiful but they served the purpose for an hour worth of fun!!

Icky- "Chick Magnet"

K Baby- "Raining Cats and Dogs"

Red- "Bubble Bath"

Cani Bear- "Duncan" donut

Squeaks- "Smartie Pants"

SueBee- Pigs in a blanket

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Change is good....

Well I try to keep reminding myself of this the past month!! After 16 years in dialysis the hubby started a new job this week. It doesn't sound like that big of deal but 16yrs is a long time and our relationship never has known anything different. Being in dialysis is just not a normal life. When your husband is getting up anywhere from 1:30am - 3:30am it causes everyone to adjust their evenings/nights the night before and then again the evening/night he gets hm. The trade off of course more days off. So now he will be working at the hospital with normaal human hours instead of that of a coyote.
His first week on his new job seemed to go really well. He is working in the area of the hospital that does the scopes. He said on Tues or Wed that he didn't know his head from his butt (but I reassured him that as long as he knew the difference between the pt's all would be good) He is doing a lot in the OR, seeing tests run that didn't even exist 16yrs ago. Mid week he said "I don't miss my old job at all" He's even signed us up for the Christmas party. He seems excited about work.
Although my type A personality may take a little time to create a new routine. And I will have to adapt to snooring ALL night instead of a lil peace and quiet. And we both will miss our weekdays of running around together. BUT him getting more beauty rest and liking where he works will for sure out weigh any change we have to adjust to!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Corn Maze 2010

We were able to go to the corn maze last weekend. This has become our favorite Fall tradition! You wouldn't think wandering around a corn field would be considered "fun" but seriously it is! Probably will be more fun when everyone walks on their own but that's not gonna stop us! :) I started posting pics but think I'll put a slide show up instead. Too many pictures I wanted to share!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ummmm yes Icky did turn a year....a month ago!!

Sorry a month behind I guess! But his birthday did come and go! What a hoot this boy is!! We think Cani Bear is a mess....he may have met his match!! Icky is pretty rotten though too! :) He is big-fat- and lazy and likes to be held! So not even an attempt at walking yet! But he can climb on anything and everything! He is still having a tough time adjusting to Big C being in school all day but it is getting a little better. But just as tough for Big C too. Last week was a busy week and I overheard Big C tell Icky "goodmorning buddy I missed you yesterday I didn't see you all day!" :) I love seeing their bond it makes me all warm inside!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

School Days School Days.....

And just like that another school year begins!!

Big C started HIGH SCHOOL!! Holy Cow where is time going??
Red- started 7th grade
Sqeaks- big man on campus...5th grade
Cani Bear- 2nd
and Sweet Sue Bee well we could have put her in PK but just couldn't part with her just yet!! Didn't u see above I said Big C started High School!! I was just dropping him off at PK! I won't give my kids up an extra year probably ever again!! So she stays home and isn't missing a beat!

So here they all are heading off to start a brand new year!!!

Kissing Summer 2010 Goodbye!!

How did I not already post one of our favorite traditions?? This is our end of Summer shaving cream fight for 2010!!! As always fun was had by all!!

You were great to have around, made for some fun times and we will be anxiously awaiting your return in June!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Icky 11mo

Well guess what that means...birthday planning time! Hard to believe!
He is a funny little man baby. Our biggest problem is going to be when Big C starts school in a couple weeks. Icky is absolutely spoiled rotten by him and LOVES him!! He much prefers bubbie over ANYONE else! When C was gone the other day I heard Icky just "talking" away when I went to see what he was doing he was talking to a picture of C. He pretty much just jabbers but you know when he says "ball" and he can throw em too! He is pulling up and cruising a little but HATES falling to sit back down and shows NO intrest in walking anytime soon! Does he really need to he knows there are plenty of people to take him where he needs to go! He loves the pool and we found out he loves the beach too! He is a pretty easy going guy and goes with the flow. Just as long as his big brother doesn't walk in and not pick him up or get out of the van or walk upstairs without him. :) I smile but I'm not exaggerating either!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Port A

2 weeks ago we hooked up the pop up and headed to the coast! We all had a great trip! Icky LOVED the water (a little TOO much) he kept trying to crawl into it. There was a tropical storm in the gulf so tides were high and by our last day the water had a bunch of yuck in it. But still we had fun! Would love to go back again in the Fall

As much as I'm trying to ignore it school is quickly approaching :(
I registered the younger 3 school aged kids this week and Big C will reg on Monday. Red signed up for Spirit squad so she had practice this week. We planned Squeeks summer perfect first week Disney World last week camp. So as we dread the start of school she still has an awesome week ahead of her! We decided to keep Sue Bee home again this year. I always thought she'd "NEED" preschool this year but she doesn't need it for socialization and I am going to just work on writing and PK activities to make sure she is where she needs to be for Kinder. But the main reason we know how fast the years are flying by and I'm just not willing to give up my last yr having her home with me! Most think I'd be counting the days til school starts and put as many kids as possible in PK but I'm complete opposite I HATE SCHOOL!! :) So I got school supplies registered them but I'm throwing it all in the closet and ignoring that Summer is ending until Aug. 22nd!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Icky 10mo

OK so I missed a couple months.... sorry!! Icky went to the Dr Wed for a check up. He weighed 23lbs 4oz not sure how accurate that is since he was 23lbs 8oz in May?? But he was 30in long still a big boy but finally growing up and not out. He is crawling all over and decided last Friday to pull up on the side of the bath tub. He's done it a couple more times but nothing regular. He has a mouth FULL of teeth I think 7 as of today. He is a SPOILED ROTTEN baby! Most kids this age cry if mom or dad leave the room or walk outside. Not here he throws a fit if he even hears Big C's voice and he doesn't pick him up and hold him. He much prefers him over anybody else. Not sure what people are going to think when he goes to class with his brother in a back carrier! When he was born someone at the hospital called him a man baby... he is just that a little man. Just rough and tough and just a BOY!! :) So much fun but not a cuddley sweet little baby expect to be slapped bit and a baby that just wants down! Oh and just as cute as can be!!

This picture was actually taken camping June 5th!! So he was 9mo here!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


These are a few pics from our first 2 camping trips! We've had fun and look forward to many more! Next stop is the coast! Hope oil or hurricanes don't tamper the fun!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


OK I'll finish up the updates on the older kids.... We have 13 more days of school!! I am just/ or more excited than the kids!! Although as I looked at dates for camping this Summer I realized just how crazy busy it was going to be!! BUT that kind of crazy is such a blast! Much more fun than is your homework done, folders signed,projects ready, hurry to bed it's a school night routine!!

Big C hold on to your seats he has picked his freshman classes tried out for golf (and made it) In the next 3 wks he'll go to TN and WA. Golf practice starts as soon as school gets out AND the project I'm most excited about....he is making us a new kitchen table. We outgrew the one we have and it is impossible to find one big enough to fit our family yet still fit in the kitchen! So we designed it and he is building it! It won't be finished by summer so he'll have to go up to the school and work on it some!! Can not believe this time 4yrs from now we will be sending out his graduation invitations!!

Red Red Red.....she is celebrating her 12th birthday today!! And she is our little DIVA!! She lives for her social life...I think she just might think she'll disappear without a texting device at hand 24/7!!Hard to believe she will be in 7th grade in a couple weeks!! She is wanting to join the spirit squad and we've talked her in to trying out for volleyball. (only way she can be in athletics instead of plain ol PE!) She is going to keep us on the go the next 6yrs. She will go until she can't go anymore!

Squeaks is still just her laid back carefree self! She is gearing up for her choir concert. This was something new she tried that I don't think she'll do again :) But it is good for her to try new things and figure out her likes and dislikes. She is a little like her daddy perfectly happy sitting in the house in front of a TV she isn't the social butterfly type. She will be going to camp again this Summer but she is most looking forward to just getting a break. She's a great student but won't miss school during the Summer.

Monday, April 26, 2010


I started the post below last set opened on my computer that long and still never got finished! :) So to be continued!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Cani Bear- Still the laugh of the family!! Give him something simple to do and he'll give you a laugh doing it! He went on his first fishing trip this past weekend. Yes with all the rain didn't catch much but I think he had a good time!! He is still doing wonderful in school and I think keeps his teachers on their toes! Having quite the crush on one of em ;) Just his picture here tells you a lot! But not only does he make good grades he does actually behave at school too!

SueBee- Oh SueBee she might should have been a red head! She is soooooo very sweet and has a heart of gold. She loves animals and still has her heart set on getting a "flicka" (horse) Lately though she is quite the drama queen and a little toot! She likes doing things she shouldn't and bringing K baby down with her! The latest was babypowder vs livingroom....I'm still cleaning it up a week later. This followed by feeding the chicks....about 25lbs of feed all at once but don't worry she took turns filling the cup with K baby!! :)

K Baby- We are POTTY TRAINED!! Such a big step in life! :) She is growing up so much. Sweet as can be but Bull headed! She is talking up a storm and quite frankly she is a funny little girl! She is happy go lucky and doesn't let much bother her!

Icky- He is quickly approaching 8mo he is rockin and a rollin gets around but not "crawling". He got his first top tooth this weekend. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and a gorgeous smile! He still won't eat any real food! He is still a big boy but has slowed down a little now! He continues to be an awesome baby. Just goes with the flow as long as you don't leave him alone he's good!

Cause this is how I roll these days....

SUEBEES Birthday Pics :)

These were taken in November just converted this weekend!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

Well another Spring Break has come and gone. Only 51 school days til Summer!! It is going to be a busy 9 weeks so hopefully it will go quickly. Big C will be starting golf he will be going to state DI comp. Squeaks has several choir perfomances and of course just all of the end of the year hoop la. So before we know it it will be pool time!! Most people think I would dread the kids being home!! NO WAY!! I love the be nowhere at anytime routine!! We really did nothing this Spring Break which made it all that much more relaxing!! These pictures are from the past couple weeks!!

Our Lucky Charm

At 6 mo he has 2 teeth- started sitting up about the time these pics were taken but still won't just set him down and walk off! He is still such a good baby but does not tolerate being left alone in a room for even a couple seconds. Still not really into the food thing! (Sadly these are just as much notes for myself as updating others) :)