Sunday, May 16, 2010


OK I'll finish up the updates on the older kids.... We have 13 more days of school!! I am just/ or more excited than the kids!! Although as I looked at dates for camping this Summer I realized just how crazy busy it was going to be!! BUT that kind of crazy is such a blast! Much more fun than is your homework done, folders signed,projects ready, hurry to bed it's a school night routine!!

Big C hold on to your seats he has picked his freshman classes tried out for golf (and made it) In the next 3 wks he'll go to TN and WA. Golf practice starts as soon as school gets out AND the project I'm most excited about....he is making us a new kitchen table. We outgrew the one we have and it is impossible to find one big enough to fit our family yet still fit in the kitchen! So we designed it and he is building it! It won't be finished by summer so he'll have to go up to the school and work on it some!! Can not believe this time 4yrs from now we will be sending out his graduation invitations!!

Red Red Red.....she is celebrating her 12th birthday today!! And she is our little DIVA!! She lives for her social life...I think she just might think she'll disappear without a texting device at hand 24/7!!Hard to believe she will be in 7th grade in a couple weeks!! She is wanting to join the spirit squad and we've talked her in to trying out for volleyball. (only way she can be in athletics instead of plain ol PE!) She is going to keep us on the go the next 6yrs. She will go until she can't go anymore!

Squeaks is still just her laid back carefree self! She is gearing up for her choir concert. This was something new she tried that I don't think she'll do again :) But it is good for her to try new things and figure out her likes and dislikes. She is a little like her daddy perfectly happy sitting in the house in front of a TV she isn't the social butterfly type. She will be going to camp again this Summer but she is most looking forward to just getting a break. She's a great student but won't miss school during the Summer.