Monday, May 21, 2012


In the last 2 weeks my youngest 2 have sure decided to grow up on me!! :/ I started watching Sue Bees teacher son (2 wks older than Sweet Pea) 2wks ago. By the 2nd day Sweet Pea decided to show off and start slithering. That would be her form of scooting and she is just about as fast as a snake too!! Can't believe she is coming up on 8mo (that went too fast) She is starting to have much more personality too still tough to get a smile out of her unless she's in the mood but those are happening much more!!She says bye, blows kisses and does the silliest faces!! She is a good cross between Red and Sue Bee depends on the day! As for my C Cakes...he is talking,counting,learning colors,learning signs :( turning into a little boy to say the least! As for the rest of life...we are on countdown mode!! 7 more school days!! Yes I am counting down because I am ready to have my kids home and a slower routine! Most assume I count down dreading a house full of kids!! NOPE we actually like having em around :) Although it seems the # of days all 10 of us will all be home together are few and far between!! I was never one to shuffle my kids between grandparents, aunts ect all Summer but now that my older kids have so many trips each Summer I cherish every bit of time with my little ones that much more!! Even if it's just lazy mornings at home and afternoons at the pool!! I LOVE SUMMER!!! BUT before that we have awards, banquets, confirmation, job interview (Yep thats right Big C interviews for his first job tomorrow), about 3 more field trips, field day, Kinder graduation and I'm sure other things that I'll be told about the night before!! ;)