Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh the things trapped in a 2yr olds head!!

It is so funny to listen to Miss Priss! She may not have been verbal up till now but don't let that fool you..... she was watching everyones every move and listening to EVERY word!! Lets see some of her favorites. "Let Go Me!!!" we hear this one often. I caught her playing on the bench the other day when I asked what are you doing I get "I sweeming" and that she was laying on the bench SWIMMING! Her daddy told her to do something outside the other night and she looked up (with that parents are such idiots voice) "It dark!!" And my favorite not the least bit original but it still makes me laugh the 5th time around... "I bleeding I bleeding" with bright red ketchup on the tip of her finger!(yes I'm easily entertained)It is just so funny to listen to her when I expect to get simple basic responses I get a full thought process that catches me off guard!Hearing her sing the songs on her shows is a hoot! She is quite the little character still a bit squealy and a tad bit of a temper but oh my gosh she makes us laugh!! She set out Saturday swinging herself for most of the time. Perfectly content just being independent.But no matter how moody she may be she always smiles at Baby K and will be sweet and love on her! And we are no where near weaning from the finger sucking... she just has to switch when her favorite gets chapped and raw!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hippity Hoppity Easter Came And Went!!

Well that was a quick holiday! Sonrise service was a little cool and windy but one of our traditions (some enjoy it more than others) When we arrived home baskets were filled with Springtime goodies! Less than a week later I think the bubbles are all spilled I mean blown and everything has been broke in well! Then it was off to NaMaw ans PaPaws for more baskets filled,an egg hunt and yummy food. I forget just how much fun watching a 2 year old hunt for eggs can be! Baby K got her one and was content holding on to it! Mr 6th grader knows mom is going to limit candy intake so he ate it as fast as he got it! Now Spring has sprung and we are all anixous for Summer and pool time!!Lets pray for rain during the Spring this year instead of summer time floods!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where did the month go??

Wow it's been over a month!! I guess I shouldn't claim things to be an excuse BUT cut me a little slack!! I am raising 6 kids ya know!! And since that wasn't challenging enough I decided to open my own business! Check out my web site This has been a dream for quite some time and the timing just fell into my lap when it did. I am so lucky to have such a supportive husband who has really encouraged me and has helped with some great ideas. He doesn't always see the same thing I do in a photograph so I at times let that input go in one ear and out the other but as far as promoting my business he has had some very clever ideas and is a very helpful hand.
Thanks to some other clever ideas I'm organizing my house going through closets,attics ect clearing out clutter so in order to weed through clutter it seems I just am making more! But I will thank these people with these clever ideas when its all said and done!!
The kids are finishing up a week of Spring Break. I always hate Spring Break its like the little tease before Summer. And this year I don't think they have another day off till Summer break. So it will be a grueling last 9 weeks filled with MANY activities! I don't think we have a free weekend till June!! Which that does make the time fly!! For Spring Break we went camping!! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and are ready to venture out again!! Other than some fierce wind we had great weather and a lot of fun!! I like roughing it a bit more than my other half though.
Baby K is coming onto 8mo next week! Yep you read that right 8 months! She is crawling all over, pulling up, clapping, and just turning into a little person! She is still such a great baby. Though I've heard a certain 4 year old call her spoiled. Yes I am to blame a little but her siblings are much worse than me!! They still fight over who gets to hold and play with her!
Toddler K is talking up a storm now!! She pretty much says it all now!! And still when she is good she is really really good but when shes bad she is REALLY REALLY bad!! But her personality is really blooming and is so very cute! She is getting to be a little more of a daddy's girl the past couple weeks! She like a little red headed girl we know will definitely hold their own in life!
We are all looking forward to Easter tomorrow morning always a fun holiday in our house!