Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Here we are the end of Nov.....

Well another month has come and gone! Can't say it's been the greatest month of 2010 but as always I'll make lemonade if you give me a lemon so I'm drinking up.... a lil cold for it though maybe lemon and my spiked hot cocoa would go together too!

Sue Bee turned 5 on the 15th!! She LOVES her birthday! She has such an awesome spirit and love in her little 5yr old heart! She has looked forward to being 5 I think for 2yrs.....last night I told her your birthday month is almost over! 11 more months and it will be back when you turn 6. She looked up and said "mommy I want to stay 5 FOREVER!" Wouldn't that be the perfect age to stay......

Along with November ending come the holidays....oh how I have a love hate relationship for them!! I HATE HATE HATE Thanksgiving. Too many people spend 335 days out of the year being unthankful- greedy and well pretentious. Then all of a sudden Thanksgiving arrives and they want to proclaim their thankfulness for everything!! SAVE IT!!! Wake up EVERYDAY thankful for what you have been blessed with and appreciate your family instead of the 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas!! So needless to say we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving. We teach our kids to be thankful everyday not just the last Thursday of November!! We stay home eat a non traditional meal- watch football- movies whatever and give thanks for our everyday life!!

And now here approaches Christmas! Tis the season to anticipate when the #%&@ will hit the fan!! Why you wonder well because we are horrible people who want to stay in our own home for Christmas. For many years we toted kids from house to house after getting up at the crack of dawn- kids had to leave toys behind- and spend HOURS driving over the river and through the woods kids SCREAMING the entire way!! By the days end we had tired cranky kids- tired and cranky husband and wife- and ALWAYS some other unhappy family member because we didn't eat there, didn't get there early enough, or just plum didn't stay long enough!! SO about 6 yrs ago we decided NO MORE we will invite everyone to our house! You would think this would be a welcome invitation- food- gifts- kids.... unfortunately this always comes with a dose of drama and trust me in the next 25 days at some point $&%^ will hit the fan :) Tis the Season now isn't it!!

So we try to ignore the outside negatives and focus on our kids- our traditions- OUR memories!! The kids always look forward to the Advent calender. This year they each have a day of the week to remove the symbol. Along with removing their day they are to do a good deed for someone. This may be help with someones chore- read a book to lil sis- something to GIVE to someone around them! People often wonder how we do Christmas with this many kids... Keep in mind I'm a planner I've been getting gifts for almost a year- black Friday sales have nothing on the sales I find all year!! But we also try to stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas instead of trying to stimulate the economy. Yes Santa comes to visit we are weird but not THAT weird!! :) (I'm kidding I know many reading this don't do Santa) But Santa is not the main focus of our day or the season. We encourage our kids to think about and think of things we can do for those less fortunate. My FAVORITE part of Christmas is on Christmas Eve when the kids give gifts to each other. The elementary kids "buy" things with points they earn reading and Big C took the $$$ he earned ref'ing and bought everyone something (with NO encouragement from us) Each kid gets excited about seeing the others open what they gave and the lil ones LOVE getting a gift from big bro and sis! It is the perfect example that it is not how much $$$ you spend on a gift its what you put into the gift that matters!! The "magic" of Christmas really only pertains to K baby and Sue Bee this year but the "spirit" of the season grows within our family every year as our older kids are growing up! Many worry about how the material side of Christmas will influence their kids when they grow up. Well a friend who has a girl Big C's age did not allow their kids to believe in Santa they are christians the kids go to private school but they didn't want the Santa therory to influence the season. I thought at the time about doing this but now seeing my older kids values of the season I know Santa does not carry near the influence as we do so I enjoy the very few "magical" Christmas' with the lil ones even more than I did with the older kids. Because I know oh too quickly how fast they grow!!

So in case the weeks get crazy as I'm sure they will.....


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Word Of The Day........

Pretentious - Definition 1. appearing to have an unrealistically high self-image 2. made to look or sound important

I've worked hard since I was 16yrs old (actually probably younger because I made good money babysitting but 16 is what Uncle Sam knows about) :) I may not have several framed pieces of paper on my wall to show everyone how educated I am. And I am by no means classified as upper class. Guess what THANK GOD!
I am finding as I near middle age more and more about the people around me. I am losing respect I once had for some and gaining respect and admiration for others. That respect is based on lifestyle and a lot around the word Pretentious! Some may think "well she is just jealous". I myself thought that at first too. But then I realized I'm not jealous because I don't desire what these people have. If I desired these things they too would be made my priority. My priorities remain spending time with my kids and husband. So to work several jobs or work and go to school isn't, wasn't and probably never will be a priority.
So back to my word Pretentious... it irritates me that some people feel all those framed papers on the wall some how make them better than those around them. Each place value on a check makes them just a little more superior then Joe the plumber. There are 2 ways I look at these people. Example A the people who went to school to earn those degrees so they could decorate their walls brag about what school they went to, will add each letter before or after their name to show others their accomplishments. Example B is the one who wanted to educate themselves to better the world or those around them. They have those pieces of paper sometimes more tucked away in a desk drawer at home. And unless they are in the current role will simply write their given name no need to add anything more. Example A drives a brand new high dollar vehicle. Example B a non flashy get me from point A to point B. Example A shops at the high end retail stores to spend 50% more than Example B did just so they can say "Oh I got that at ______". Example A coupons? discounts? those are for people who don't have what I do. Example B no we'll go to the movie early to get the cheaper deal. AND my favorite Example A will make sure others know what they have but never pay it forward. While Example B will donate his time or money to those in need. Example A you may think of as the Pretentious one and yes probably is but I think my Example C fits it to a T. That person who has no education, married into $$$, when you start talking with them they quickly bring the conversation to what's important (themselves), they will never hesitate to tell you all about their brand new car, their latest trip, show you their newest electronic toy to which they will also brag about how much they spent on it, they talk frequently about people they know that are successful thinking that by association it adds to their own quality. And this is the person that will quickly assume they are wealthier than, better than, and more important than the above Example B. I feel very sorry for both Example A and C. I am sorry they have such obscured priorities.
I know I am rambling and seeing it's 3am the day after I buried my grandmother this may make no sense BUT....my point is- We all came into this world pretty much the same way. And none of us will live forever. I believe it boils down to 2 groups of people those who could have been wealthy if they hadn't worked so hard trying to prove it and those people who ARE wealthy be it with actual $$$ or with life/love itself. In raising my kids I hope I can instill 2 very important messages One-Honesty is the best policy and Two- Everybody puts their pants on one leg at a time!!! No matter what they do in life I hope these beliefs remain in each of their hearts. That they will become successful by fullfilling whatever their dreams may be but when they do to remember their roots.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The "punny" family

So with hubs changing jobs, trying to play catch up, and starting holiday shopping Halloween was just not an expense we wanted to go "ALL OUT" for this year. So I see Americas "Cheapest" Family being interviewed on the Today show last week. They were bragging about their $4, $14, $16, and $18 costumes....well move over I'm taking your spot.... 6 Halloween costumes for under TEN BUCKS for everything even the tape I used! (that is NOT a piece) may not be beautiful but they served the purpose for an hour worth of fun!!

Icky- "Chick Magnet"

K Baby- "Raining Cats and Dogs"

Red- "Bubble Bath"

Cani Bear- "Duncan" donut

Squeaks- "Smartie Pants"

SueBee- Pigs in a blanket