Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Don't Ever Want To Go To School Again

Well I think I had my first kid play hookie today!! Squeaks woke up saying her stomach hurt! I hate that one... it could be so many little things but you hate to send them off and have them get sick..... so I let her stay home. By lunch I could hear her crying. You have to relize if your sick in this house you are isolated to your room to read, sleep, watch a movie. But when I inquired about the crying I get I Don't Ever Want To Go To School Again...... of course I ask why. Because I get homesick while I'm at school (mental note gotta get meaner). My first concern was uhoh someone was mean to her. Nope! We discussed how her teacher was a nice teacher even though it wasn't the one she wanted. She says no I like my teacher. I went down my mental list of anything I could imagine being wrong but I still just get I get homesick!! So I tell her well it's nothing new it's the law and if you don't go to school mommy and daddy get in trouble so here comes her ready for this one.....Just homeschool me!! HAHAHAHAHAHA one you'd have the MEANEST teacher ever, two we'd kill each other, three you would end up being the dumbest person ever if left up to me!! (scroll down to photos of Summer fun) That would be me everyday!! I would stat on something for 2 minutes and switch! I could never do it!! So after having her laugh at my expense she seemed to get better! HoHo it may be a long school year!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Year begins.......

Well another Summer has come and gone! Yesterday was the start of many firsts! We have one starting Kindergarten, another starting Jr High, One who starts getting "real" grades, and one that is the leader of the pack!

Well the day did come that we had to let him go! I selfishly kept him home for 5 years with us. But yesterday he eagerly walked in for his first day of school! He was so proud and looked so big! Daddy took the day off so we could all walk him into school and send him on his way! He did great until he saw 600 other kids sitting in the gym. His big brown eyes looked up at me with just a touch of worry. But I quickly reassured him I would walk him to his teacher. Once I pointed her out to him he kissed us and was on his way! At meet the teacher he hid from the principal...he was scared of her. (I'm thinking that's not a bad thing) but the principal did not want any of the kids to feel that way so she tried to talk with him... before we left sweet Cani Bear went and gave her a hug! Though he still says he doesn't even want to go see her to read!! He must have had PE before the girls and the coaches knew who he was... all that was said is "he likes to talk" (hush I didn't ask for mental thoughts!) But big sister made sure he wasn't "bad" for them!! He was full of stories about his day. His friend was a boy in a blue shirt... too bad he'll be in red today so who knows if C bear will find him again! He said he was ready to go back to school because they were making something today!

Once I uploaded these pictures I got a kick out of just how much he looks like his youngest uncle here! Minus the big head that is still a GG gene!

Lets just pray this doesn't happen on the playground. But for those concerned it must happen more than we think and the punishment isn't near as bad as I would expect! In fact it's minimal and yes I checked!

Squeaks was probably the saddest arriving home. She had her heart set on one teacher and did not get her. She didn't complain over the weekend so she seemed to have a good attitude. But when she got in the car she was quiet and sad. By the time we got in the house and tried to talk about her day the tears started falling. Her teacher is a seasoned teacher and is very good at what she does. I knew her when I taught water aerobics and I know she is passionate about her work. But sometimes to have success you have to be a little more structured. She will be with her B day teacher today so hopefully she will fall in love with her to balance out the two teachers! On a good note though... she made a new friend and she was excited about that!

Well Little Red is big man on campus this year! She was NOT happy at meet the teacher with where she was placed. I played it up all weekend on how it would all be good. When she got home yesterday she was SO excited and LOVED her teacher. (quickly admitting she may be a bit of a teachers pet) Hey whatever works! She isn't in class with too many of her friends but is with her closest friend so that is good. She is already listing everything she wants to be involved in this year. Hummmm wonder where she gets that from?? She is excited about being the leader of the school!

Big C started Jr. High!! Hard to believe but it's true! He has just about every class with one of his best friends and a couple with one of his favorite female friend! So he was excited and I didn't sense a bit of anxiety from him! When we went to get his schedule it was so fun to hear so many people make a point to call his name to say hello. But he is a pretty likable guy if I may say!

The end to another Summer!

I know most people would think I would be pushing my kids out the door to start the school year! Honestly I HATE IT!! I would much rather have school for 3 months and 9 months vacation!!! But I guess that wouldn't fly too well! So usually we have "water day" at home the last day of Summer. But with all the rain we had the grass was high and the last thing it needed was more water on it to cause difficulty mowing. So we changed things up a bit this year.....

Shaving Cream = $2.00
Water to clean up
Watching my kids add a memory to the mental book = PRICELESS

It is amazing how much fun can be had for practically free!!We did find out one is sensative to shaving cream, shaving cream really doesn't burn the eyes too bad, but Baby K doesn't recommend eating it! Oh how I hate to see Summer End!