Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You going to get another baby??

Oh sweet Cani!! We pulled up to the hospital today so I could go visit someone. As I'm getting out Cani yells you going to get another baby? I laughed and said yeh give me a couple minutes. I was only in and out in 5 minutes and hop back in the van to give P the low down. After about 10 minutes C looks at me with those big brown eyes and asks "so what's the baby look like?" I said well sorry you got another sister but God gave us a little black one this time he thought we needed something different (as I rub his bald little head). He grinned and went on his way. It is so funny what goes through that little boys head. We laughed it off because these are the "funny" little things he says all day. But as everyone is sound asleep and I sit here thinking through the day I just pray that sweet little brown eyed boy isn't looking too forward to going to pick up his black baby sister any time soon!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh eight is great!!

Hard to believe The older 4 kids are all about to turn another year older! Squeakie turned 8 last week and I think has enjoyed her month of fame! She had a friend stay the night this weekend and then our family and theirs met and went to an indoor play area with rock climbing, arcade, roller coaster, trampoline thing (seriously its name) and a huge nerf ball play area. It was a lot of fun! Each of our kids seem to pull a little more from one gene pool than others. So though she may be our 3rd child raising each one takes different tactics at times. With the first 2 we reused some and throw others out. With Squeaks we just threw all the old ones out and started from scratch. Different personality for sure. It is so funny how the boys are so much alike then #2 and #4 are very similar and it appears that Squeaks and Baby K may have like personalities. Time will tell. If that's the case we are going to pair each like child up to share a room because I don't know if we can handle the disagreements for another round with the youngest 2! As I say Never A Dull Moment around here! Happy Birthday Month Squeakie, Wee, MeeMee depends who says it!!