Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ocho has arrived!!!

And it's A GIRL!!!
arrived Oct 3rd at 10:19AM
6lbs 15oz 19in

Here are some pics of our lil Sweet Pea!!

She is just wonderful and a perfect little angel!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last post from a mother of 7!!

Tomorrow morning we will welcome our 8th little blessing! NEVER NEVER EVER would I have believed you 10yrs ago if someone told me I'd have 8 kids by the end of 2011!! BUT I also could not imagine life if we didn't!!

Quick update on everyone!!

Mr C Cakes: Is a funny little boy trying to enter into the terrible two's!! This week he discovered he can move his stool through the house, turn lights on, and get into entirely too much quickly and quietly! Sue Bee put it perfect "some little 2yr old got smart on us!" She nailed that one! But the boy has got the BEST personality his timing is perfect on making the silliest face or a great big bear hug! But pretty certain he is in no way prepared that this baby will actually not live in my tummy forever much less take up space in his house!

K Baby: I believe is missing her siblings during the day! She and Sue Bee played all day so well together. C Cakes and her play together BUT he is a boy and just not the same as big sister! We'll see what bringing Ocho home does for this... a lil nervous!

Sue Bee- Is loving Kinder! She got student of the month Friday so was very excited!! Her teacher had her baby 2wks ago so after that she was VERY anxious for her own brother or sister to arrive! Only problem she is having is NO NAP at school. She LOVES her naps and is so very tired by 4PM on school days! Her little personality is so outgoing and witty she just keeps everyone on their toes!!

Cani Bear oh Cani Bear!! This boy!! Funny as all get out, smart and sweet as can be! Line up girls, leave ur dating info and I will contact u if u are approved (but don't hold ur breath) Cani Bear keeps his eyes on older girls like lifegaurds and his teachers!! His latest achievement was getting second place in the district wide chess tourny. He beat out 4th and 5th graders for this!! Made me feel a little guilty fussing at him to turn the lights out at night and stop playing chess against himself!! Guess he taught himself a thing or two!!

Squeaks- is having an awesome year!! She is staying after school to play volleyball, she has started first communion at church and gets to attend youth group now!! Grades are great and maybe just maybe she's coming out of her shell a little. But u have to keep in mind she falls between 2 of our most outgoing kids so this is tough for someone who is shy!!

Red Red Red- she is a 13 yr old girl! That should say it all! Loving cheer, loving social life, and doing well! She keeps me on my toes!

Big C- If I listed what he wasn't in it would be quicker!! Starts each day at 6:30 running and ends it in lord only knows what activity! HOSA officer, Engineering Pres, he'll be going snow sking w the youth group during Christmas, always something going on and still able to keep all A's!! And most important keeping a focus on his future!! He's thinking about a lot of different areas but all I could see him being sucessful in! Its exciting for us to hear his dreams (even if they change a couple times a week)

As for the crazy parents...we are taking it all in stride! We were driving somewhere the other day and just had to laugh! The conversations that were taking place behind us were just hilarious! And that is just our life!!