Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sorry still no time...

But here are Icky's 4mo (5mo I think just may get skipped)
He weighed 20lbs 12oz and 26in long and a head circ of 45cm Dr picked him up and couldn't believe he didn't weigh more he said "he is a SOLID 20lbs!" and that he is!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Still Alive.....

OK so New Years I had this great idea to recap 2009 on the blog and get it all up to date....... ummmm obviously didn't happen. Would add Icky pics from 4mo and 5mo but 4mo haven't even been converted to jpg and 5mo haven't been taken! :( Last year I had ZERO sessions from mid Dec to Mar....this year I have had on avg a session a week! So to say the least things are busy here!

Quick update

P-back to work after almost 2mo recovery of broken foot
big C- placed 2 4th's in 2 wks ago in UIL, and last week a 2nd
Little Red- Got reserve grand champ for her quilt and got 1st in UIL last week
Squeaks- is doing great, getting more involved in UIL and other activities
Bear- is Bear!! gotta work on spelling a little he scored 103 a couple weeks ago first week all year he didn't make a 104!! ;)
Sue Bee- Is still compassionate little Sue Bee. She loves animals and everyone around her!
K baby- is still silly as ever, starting to take on a personality of her own
Icky- rolled over several times (I'm hard on my kids and don't give them credit for a milestone til its done frequently) about 2 weeks ago, got his first tooth Sat and goes for a check up tomorrow!

Thats a very quick update of a crazy crazy life!!