Saturday, July 10, 2010

Icky 10mo

OK so I missed a couple months.... sorry!! Icky went to the Dr Wed for a check up. He weighed 23lbs 4oz not sure how accurate that is since he was 23lbs 8oz in May?? But he was 30in long still a big boy but finally growing up and not out. He is crawling all over and decided last Friday to pull up on the side of the bath tub. He's done it a couple more times but nothing regular. He has a mouth FULL of teeth I think 7 as of today. He is a SPOILED ROTTEN baby! Most kids this age cry if mom or dad leave the room or walk outside. Not here he throws a fit if he even hears Big C's voice and he doesn't pick him up and hold him. He much prefers him over anybody else. Not sure what people are going to think when he goes to class with his brother in a back carrier! When he was born someone at the hospital called him a man baby... he is just that a little man. Just rough and tough and just a BOY!! :) So much fun but not a cuddley sweet little baby expect to be slapped bit and a baby that just wants down! Oh and just as cute as can be!!

This picture was actually taken camping June 5th!! So he was 9mo here!!