Saturday, December 31, 2011


Not really sure how to describe the last 12 always want to say blessed-good-maybe "memorable" would work!!

One year ago today is when my mom called with my step dads Dx... Stage 4 Cancer 2-8mo to live!! So we started 2011 with much uncertainty. January though started out keeping us busy! Big C was playing HS Soccer so we spent many a cold evenings sitting on EXTREAMLY cold bleachers! Brings new meaning to "freezing your @$$ off" :) The hubs started taking call(on his own) in his new job so that took some getting use to AND he celebrated the lest year of his 30's! Red showed a quilt in the youth show and Squeaks did a bake good and neither placed ;) February brought us a lil snow for the kids to play in...yes in Tx AND we found out Ocho would be arriving!! Someone may have also turned 35 but we won't talk about that!! March brought Spring Break which consisted of doing not much of anything! Keep in mind we were still in the middle of Soccer season (the LONGEST sport EVER) We joined a new church around this time and the kids have gotten very involved in that!! Never thought I could leave the Episcopal church but sometimes its about church family than a specific religion!! And this church family is amazing! Big C jumped right in and helped lead an Easter service! April and May are always typical end of the school year craziness! Summer seems to have come and gone in a flash. We always enjoy our pool membehip... though this year it seemed more difficult to get there! 7 kids alone at the pool and preg isn't always easy and P's job limited the time he could go (or it was at least a good excuse) but Sue Bee got in and took off like a fish K Baby wanted nothing to do with it! We were able to enjoy a staycation enjoying things we don't always get to do!PaPaw gave Big C a kayak so P and Big C took it out Fathers Day weekend and then Big C was able to go over and show PaPaw his pictures and tell him all about his trip! So glad he did cause that was the last "good" visit he had with him! Big C left the next day for Eng Comp in Kansas where they placed 3rd! Somewhere in there we took both older girls to camp too! July though was one of those vacations that the kids will remember foreverK Baby talks about it still at least once a week! Lone Star Yogi!!! Hopefully we'll make it a yearly tradition!! Once we got back we celebrated Big C turning 15 and K baby 4! I was feeling very preg in 114 degree weather! In Aug we celebrated K baby and C cakes b days (yes C cakes wasn't til the 29th but hey) We rented an inflatable slide and did a bray party in the AM and back to school party in the PM it was a lot of fun! Big C took drivers ed in Aug too! Aug actually is somewhat a blur between drivers ed, cross country, cheerleading, back to school shopping and in the same week my step dad went downhill and my FIL ended up having emergency bypass surg the day FIL got discharged my step dad passed away! 4 days later school started! Through it all my mom never missed a beat didn't miss a day of work and was strong as ever PaPaw would have been proud!! We waited til Labor Day and had a memorial service reason my mom and step dad discussed not wanting anyone to miss work or be inconvenienced (typical them) then Sept just flew by as we waited for Ochoa arrival. Big C did cross country, Red cheerleading Squeaks volleyball, C Bear various activities, my Dr was a lil concerned how I'd make it all work if I went into labor. But luckily Ochoa cooperated and let us be at the church picnic, and Reds First Communion on the 2nd and arrived on the 3rd!! After that our year was GONE in a flash! I've never been so unprepared for the holidays! I was still buying gifts on Christmas Eve and cleaning @ 2am Christmas morning :) but all was good!! Most people can pretty much sum up their year by Christmas...Oh No not us! My mom left the day after Christmas to visit family in La my hubs went to check her mail only to find water POURING out her house! FYI if copper tubing detatches from the water source while not home it WILL flood 1500sq ft. BUT all is on the mend dirty and drying but as in everything we just keep saying it could always be worse!!! BUT we will be just fine if 2012 is a little less eventful!!! :) Happy New Year to all!!