Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The next decade

Well little red has begun the next decade of her life! Oh what will it hold for her?? I remember when she was a couple months old her daddy looking at big brother saying "you're going to have to help watch over her" of course he was all of 2... well little red reached up and wacked daddy upside the head. He responded with "nevermind". And still to this day she can hold her own!! She makes very good choices for herself but at the same time she won't be pressured by others to do what she doesn't want to! Now I did NOT say she doesn't pressure others to do what they aren't suppose to. She has a habit of giving her siblings bad ideas and then sitting back waiting to watch them get in trouble!! But I guess that is one of the joys of being a big sister! She will always be our little social butterfly. Her social life is always booming. I'm sure this will be the most booming change in the coming decade. She is going to be one busy little girl!! What a fun road ahead we all have to look forward to in this next decade (which I know will fly by)!

Friday, May 2, 2008

With 6 kids one expects ER visits!!!

But you'd expect the visits be DUE TO MY KIDS!!! Nope not around here! Let me just recap oh 2 weeks I guess......Old fence is needing to be removed so out goes my dear husband saw, chainsaw, and various other tools. After about an hour I hear him come in and making noises and immediately starts running water. Yep you guessed it I was relieved to see the tip of the finger intact since the chainsaw was involved....He gets the bleeding stopped and back to work....(9 hours later....) The "bear" of a post still stands and as for my husband...well toddler K said "that bear kicked daddy's hiney" and that's exactly what appeared to have happened. The bleeding finger seemed OK but the knuckle 5 times its size and immobile was concerning! So off to the Docs office! DX= infection of the knuckle! Antibiotic filled....free help came and removed the remainder of the fence!! Somewhere in that day he also hit his finger nail and it is black and will probably fall off! So a couple days pass and my dear husband decides to get somethings done for his car....a little time passes I hear the door open,funny hissing noise, water running! It appears his leg jumped in the way of the grinder so he has a lovely area left there now! Last Saturday we decided to enjoy some BBQ. Outside looks great not much that needs to be tended to so we started getting the food together. Well my ADD dear husband decides to "break up" the stumps. Yes the stumps that have been there for about a year. He broke one up no big deal, then took a break to make some fabulous BBQ. After we eat he goes back out while I clean the kitchen. When I get outside he is ramming this poor stump with a digging stick....I decided I probably should stay outside and "assist" after seeing the bear of a stump throw him on the ground I decided to suggested "pulling the stump with the mower" no luck. So back to his way! As I observe this I see the safety concerns and suggest burning the stump. I see our son beaming with pride to "help" his father. Obviously my husband was not going to listen to me and was dragging my sweet son into his testosterone party. So I order my son to get away and threaten him!! Thinking the testosterone filled bodies actually listened I went inside. About half an hour later My son comes in telling me to go look at daddy....low and behold a huge gash right on his forhead (I did refrain from saying I told you so) assesed his needs only to relize he was coharent, no fixed pupils, minor blood loss, I then say you need a stitch or 2 and I TOLD YOU SO!! He then asks can you see my brain???? Hummmmm NO I see nothing!!! NOTTA!! EMPTY!!! Though a stitch or 2 was called for he decided to live with a scar! (a permanent reminder that his wife is ALWAYS RIGHT!!) So I don't seem too heartless I did make sure he could wake up a couple times during the night! He woke up quickly each time I wacked him on the forehead!! So by now lesson learned right..... Come on who are we talking about. So Wednesday I call him to inform him a tree is fixing to fall onto the house. So he decides to pick up a chainsaw on the way home (did I fail to mention that bear ate the old one) So after he got home he tells me he's going to get the chain saw ready for tomorrow. Its 8 oclock at night what more would he do??? As I'm putting kids to bed I hear the sound of chain to wood!! So 2 of the youngest lay in bed watching daddy while oldest dear son "helps". I jump in the bath. Only to here 'hehehe that limb fell and knocked daddy down" Well there was no worry in any voice nobody was screaming and obviously falling isn't too unexpected around here. Nobody bothered to tell me though that he had fallen and couldn't get back up!! Once I was ready for bed dear hubby was in the shower I talked to my son...no mention of dady falling, much less telling me the limb knock the ladder out from under his daddy throwing him across the yard to land on top of tree limbs and a chainsaw. So dear hubby walks into the bedroom holding his intact arm saying he needs to go to the ER. I tell him to shut up and not joke around like that!! Then I look and see his arm shaking dilated blood vessels and an arm twice its size!! What's he say....I'll just wait till tomorrow I don't like the ER!! HELLO!!! Get in the car we are leaving!! So after an impressive 2 hour trip to the ER he came home with a fractured wrist and a very sore body!! The lesson we have learned is 1. hired help is cheaper than co pays 2. Never will we not carry AFLAC on my dear husband 3. Our son will help his daddy now only if his daddy stays inside!! I look forward to when my dear husband is healed because we will begin teaching him some domestic chores such as LAUNDRY!! All and all he is doing OK. His arm does hurt quite a bit and he will follow up with an orthopedic next week! Just pray for his poor patients who he'll have to stick one handed for awhile!!