Saturday, August 7, 2010

Icky 11mo

Well guess what that means...birthday planning time! Hard to believe!
He is a funny little man baby. Our biggest problem is going to be when Big C starts school in a couple weeks. Icky is absolutely spoiled rotten by him and LOVES him!! He much prefers bubbie over ANYONE else! When C was gone the other day I heard Icky just "talking" away when I went to see what he was doing he was talking to a picture of C. He pretty much just jabbers but you know when he says "ball" and he can throw em too! He is pulling up and cruising a little but HATES falling to sit back down and shows NO intrest in walking anytime soon! Does he really need to he knows there are plenty of people to take him where he needs to go! He loves the pool and we found out he loves the beach too! He is a pretty easy going guy and goes with the flow. Just as long as his big brother doesn't walk in and not pick him up or get out of the van or walk upstairs without him. :) I smile but I'm not exaggerating either!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Port A

2 weeks ago we hooked up the pop up and headed to the coast! We all had a great trip! Icky LOVED the water (a little TOO much) he kept trying to crawl into it. There was a tropical storm in the gulf so tides were high and by our last day the water had a bunch of yuck in it. But still we had fun! Would love to go back again in the Fall

As much as I'm trying to ignore it school is quickly approaching :(
I registered the younger 3 school aged kids this week and Big C will reg on Monday. Red signed up for Spirit squad so she had practice this week. We planned Squeeks summer perfect first week Disney World last week camp. So as we dread the start of school she still has an awesome week ahead of her! We decided to keep Sue Bee home again this year. I always thought she'd "NEED" preschool this year but she doesn't need it for socialization and I am going to just work on writing and PK activities to make sure she is where she needs to be for Kinder. But the main reason we know how fast the years are flying by and I'm just not willing to give up my last yr having her home with me! Most think I'd be counting the days til school starts and put as many kids as possible in PK but I'm complete opposite I HATE SCHOOL!! :) So I got school supplies registered them but I'm throwing it all in the closet and ignoring that Summer is ending until Aug. 22nd!!