Saturday, October 30, 2010

Change is good....

Well I try to keep reminding myself of this the past month!! After 16 years in dialysis the hubby started a new job this week. It doesn't sound like that big of deal but 16yrs is a long time and our relationship never has known anything different. Being in dialysis is just not a normal life. When your husband is getting up anywhere from 1:30am - 3:30am it causes everyone to adjust their evenings/nights the night before and then again the evening/night he gets hm. The trade off of course more days off. So now he will be working at the hospital with normaal human hours instead of that of a coyote.
His first week on his new job seemed to go really well. He is working in the area of the hospital that does the scopes. He said on Tues or Wed that he didn't know his head from his butt (but I reassured him that as long as he knew the difference between the pt's all would be good) He is doing a lot in the OR, seeing tests run that didn't even exist 16yrs ago. Mid week he said "I don't miss my old job at all" He's even signed us up for the Christmas party. He seems excited about work.
Although my type A personality may take a little time to create a new routine. And I will have to adapt to snooring ALL night instead of a lil peace and quiet. And we both will miss our weekdays of running around together. BUT him getting more beauty rest and liking where he works will for sure out weigh any change we have to adjust to!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Corn Maze 2010

We were able to go to the corn maze last weekend. This has become our favorite Fall tradition! You wouldn't think wandering around a corn field would be considered "fun" but seriously it is! Probably will be more fun when everyone walks on their own but that's not gonna stop us! :) I started posting pics but think I'll put a slide show up instead. Too many pictures I wanted to share!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ummmm yes Icky did turn a year....a month ago!!

Sorry a month behind I guess! But his birthday did come and go! What a hoot this boy is!! We think Cani Bear is a mess....he may have met his match!! Icky is pretty rotten though too! :) He is big-fat- and lazy and likes to be held! So not even an attempt at walking yet! But he can climb on anything and everything! He is still having a tough time adjusting to Big C being in school all day but it is getting a little better. But just as tough for Big C too. Last week was a busy week and I overheard Big C tell Icky "goodmorning buddy I missed you yesterday I didn't see you all day!" :) I love seeing their bond it makes me all warm inside!