Friday, October 23, 2009

OK Lets See...

Icky- has finally decided to smile at us....BUT only if we whistle and then its smile and babble but thats few and far between! Funny that our other baby that held out on smiling is little social butterfly! This boy is thick and full of rolls very curious what he'll weigh at 2mo!!

K Baby- is definitely turning into a little person. She is talking VERY well. Scorpion was todays word very clearly. Unfortunately she repeats daddys words VERY clearly too! She is one hard headed little girl too but yet so sweet. She is quick to apologize and use her manners (without being told)
Sue Bee- Is getting a little onery! Probably would benefit from preschool right now but just didn't want that this year!! She is gearing up for her birthday month!! Poor girl has everyone elses back to back that hers always seems so far away! She tells everyone she's going to be 5 because she is looking forward to being 5 and going to school w/ the big kids!! I can claim a mini me on this one! 1:7 see why I don't gamble!! (God knew what he was doing the world can't handle too many of us!)

Bear- Is Bear!! A MODEL student and a PITA at home!! ;) He likes to put on a show and joke and pull pranks! He says he wants to be a comedian when he grows up!! Well on his way!! We meet w/ his teacher next week but like I said he's perfect at school and smart as a whip! He is playing soccer for the first year AND has eveyone laughing at the games (falls on purpose, stands backward as goalie, trys bunting w/his head, just a goof!) I'm a little scared what he may pull on us as he gets older!

Squeaks- Is having a great year! Got into SC, choir, grades are good, trying out for UIL!! She is still our reserved quiet one but I guess being between a social butterfly and a goof she doesn't have much option!! Plus she has a lot of her daddys genes in her!! She is gearing up for hunting season wanting to get herself a deer! (she's the only child quiet enough to hunt!)

Little Red- Got elected Pres this week!! There were about 20 kids running so I was scared she might not win!! She was SO excited!! She is doing good in school. They put her in 7th grade Math (her weakest subject) but I refuse to take her out because I want her to learn that sometimes you have to work really hard to succeed! AND she's having to work really hard and she is doing good!! Just cutting into her social life a little!!

Big C- Started golf back up this month w/ a new coach. She pulled me aside and told me he had one of the best swings out there! He seems to be enjoying it a lot. He is also playing Soccer again!! Of course there are his school activities too! He will be going on a trip to DC this Summer too. Know that will be a great trip for him!!

Of course with all that we are BUSY BUSY BUSY!! Those are the fun easy things to do! It's the house cleaning, lawn mowing ect that seems to just never fit in!! I know everyone says let that stuff slide and enjoy your kids BUT we just can't do that! So we enjoy our kids and sacrifice sleep ;) Life is wonderful though and we love getting to spend time as a family! Last weekend we went to the corn maze, and this weekend we have a fall festival in town. We are limiting our events to OPEN air right now and Icky stays INSIDE his pouch! Poor boy is going to be a year old before people know he has a head!! I am quite impressed that people seem more respectful to not trying to touch or peek at him! (maybe they think I'm sick with my mask on!) I'M KIDDING!! (but the thought has crossed my mind and hand sanitizer hangs from my sling) :) I'm including some pics from last weekend! And I will try to upload pics every week or so BUT don't expect much more the next 2 months it looks like I'll have about 2 sessions a week between now and mid Dec! Not complaining but hours are not being added to my day!!

SO Happy Halloween-Happy Thanksgiving-Merry Christmas- and Happy New Year!!! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

What A Great Big Sis

Sorry I haven't written an update lately but had to share this!! I'll try to update next week!! (maybe)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Icky 6weeks