Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life in Numbers....

52- The number of school days left in the year!!! We are on Spring Break right now and though I LOVE the break it sure makes the rest of the school year hard to cope with. The time has changed so we will be trying to get everyone inside fed, showered and to bed while still light outside and we ALL just want to stay and play outside all night. BUT within those 52 days we still have State Eng comp, cheerleader tryouts, 5th grade graduation, and I'm sure a zillion other events so I'm sure it will fly by!!

35- This would be how old I turned on my birthday last month....AND I woke up sick @ 3:30 AM on my birthday and sadly have been sick with one thing or another ever since. I'm not sure that is a good sign! Not to mention most of the kids and hubs have been sick at some point in there too!! Always seems to happen either the 2wks before or after my birthday EVERY year!! No matter what anyone says that to me is NOT middle age all my grandparents have lived to be over 80 so I'm holding on to that!! I will finally admit I am in my mid 30's!!! :)

20- This is evidently the going rate for History projects these days!! I found this out with a lil phone call from the principal a couple weeks ago. He starts the conversation with "It appears your son is quite the little entrepreneur. As he says it a mothers pride starts to bubble inside a little. He had just returned from Engineering comp so I thought he was going to be asked to present his idea @ a program or a group. That pride quickly took a hike as he continues. "It appears your son is charging $20 to do other kids projects" "He did his own project but then also did a second one for profit." As a parent I wasn't real sure how to react I figured busting out laughing may not be appropriate. Luckily he continued on to tell me his punishment so I just listened. He then asked if I'd like to speak with my son...Ummm Yea I think so!! So in my very Stern mommy voice I proceeded to remind the son that one of our rules is a call from the principal = 10 times worse punishment at home!! P had the day off that day (we were actually out to celebrate my b-day) so we had all day to discuss the situation and punishment. I think my biggest disappointment was the fact that here he is a GT student but he couldn't think far enough ahead to not turn in the same thing.... which it was later discovered he DID indeed do a totally different project and only got caught because kids narked on them!! For some reason that made me feel much better about the situation. So through the day we replayed the convo with the principal with different ways I could have reacted... "why yes sir we are aware. Times are tough and we have 7 mouths to feed we all have to find ways to make a little extra cash." OR maybe this one would have been better "I am so sorry sir. My step dad is dying of cancer and his treatment costs thousands of dollars every little bit helps" or "Do you know how much college costs now days sir" and of course the #1 question What happened to the $$$ ?? Well the principal actually never asked for it back we made our son return it to the principal to return to the idiot that had to run his big mouth!! :) Though we laugh about it behind the sons back he paid dearly for his actions the following weekend and I'm pretty certain he will think twice about doing it again!! As parents we were thankful it was the sale of a history paper not of drugs. I wish I could think this would be the worst thing in parenting we'd have to deal with....

19- This would be the number of days my poor husband has to work without a day off. Any other time it probably would be no big deal but that is every single day of Spring Break. The week before the week after and everything in the middle!! So needless to say we are hanging out close to home for Spring Break this year. All part of being the "new boy" :)

8- This may be our new favorite number or as we are saying "Ocho" We found out last month that Ocho will be joining our family the end of Sept beginning of Oct!!! All are very excited and there is a clear battle over boy or girl!!! Some want to stick with a pattern others want to even things out!!