Saturday, December 31, 2011


Not really sure how to describe the last 12 always want to say blessed-good-maybe "memorable" would work!!

One year ago today is when my mom called with my step dads Dx... Stage 4 Cancer 2-8mo to live!! So we started 2011 with much uncertainty. January though started out keeping us busy! Big C was playing HS Soccer so we spent many a cold evenings sitting on EXTREAMLY cold bleachers! Brings new meaning to "freezing your @$$ off" :) The hubs started taking call(on his own) in his new job so that took some getting use to AND he celebrated the lest year of his 30's! Red showed a quilt in the youth show and Squeaks did a bake good and neither placed ;) February brought us a lil snow for the kids to play in...yes in Tx AND we found out Ocho would be arriving!! Someone may have also turned 35 but we won't talk about that!! March brought Spring Break which consisted of doing not much of anything! Keep in mind we were still in the middle of Soccer season (the LONGEST sport EVER) We joined a new church around this time and the kids have gotten very involved in that!! Never thought I could leave the Episcopal church but sometimes its about church family than a specific religion!! And this church family is amazing! Big C jumped right in and helped lead an Easter service! April and May are always typical end of the school year craziness! Summer seems to have come and gone in a flash. We always enjoy our pool membehip... though this year it seemed more difficult to get there! 7 kids alone at the pool and preg isn't always easy and P's job limited the time he could go (or it was at least a good excuse) but Sue Bee got in and took off like a fish K Baby wanted nothing to do with it! We were able to enjoy a staycation enjoying things we don't always get to do!PaPaw gave Big C a kayak so P and Big C took it out Fathers Day weekend and then Big C was able to go over and show PaPaw his pictures and tell him all about his trip! So glad he did cause that was the last "good" visit he had with him! Big C left the next day for Eng Comp in Kansas where they placed 3rd! Somewhere in there we took both older girls to camp too! July though was one of those vacations that the kids will remember foreverK Baby talks about it still at least once a week! Lone Star Yogi!!! Hopefully we'll make it a yearly tradition!! Once we got back we celebrated Big C turning 15 and K baby 4! I was feeling very preg in 114 degree weather! In Aug we celebrated K baby and C cakes b days (yes C cakes wasn't til the 29th but hey) We rented an inflatable slide and did a bray party in the AM and back to school party in the PM it was a lot of fun! Big C took drivers ed in Aug too! Aug actually is somewhat a blur between drivers ed, cross country, cheerleading, back to school shopping and in the same week my step dad went downhill and my FIL ended up having emergency bypass surg the day FIL got discharged my step dad passed away! 4 days later school started! Through it all my mom never missed a beat didn't miss a day of work and was strong as ever PaPaw would have been proud!! We waited til Labor Day and had a memorial service reason my mom and step dad discussed not wanting anyone to miss work or be inconvenienced (typical them) then Sept just flew by as we waited for Ochoa arrival. Big C did cross country, Red cheerleading Squeaks volleyball, C Bear various activities, my Dr was a lil concerned how I'd make it all work if I went into labor. But luckily Ochoa cooperated and let us be at the church picnic, and Reds First Communion on the 2nd and arrived on the 3rd!! After that our year was GONE in a flash! I've never been so unprepared for the holidays! I was still buying gifts on Christmas Eve and cleaning @ 2am Christmas morning :) but all was good!! Most people can pretty much sum up their year by Christmas...Oh No not us! My mom left the day after Christmas to visit family in La my hubs went to check her mail only to find water POURING out her house! FYI if copper tubing detatches from the water source while not home it WILL flood 1500sq ft. BUT all is on the mend dirty and drying but as in everything we just keep saying it could always be worse!!! BUT we will be just fine if 2012 is a little less eventful!!! :) Happy New Year to all!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ocho has arrived!!!

And it's A GIRL!!!
arrived Oct 3rd at 10:19AM
6lbs 15oz 19in

Here are some pics of our lil Sweet Pea!!

She is just wonderful and a perfect little angel!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last post from a mother of 7!!

Tomorrow morning we will welcome our 8th little blessing! NEVER NEVER EVER would I have believed you 10yrs ago if someone told me I'd have 8 kids by the end of 2011!! BUT I also could not imagine life if we didn't!!

Quick update on everyone!!

Mr C Cakes: Is a funny little boy trying to enter into the terrible two's!! This week he discovered he can move his stool through the house, turn lights on, and get into entirely too much quickly and quietly! Sue Bee put it perfect "some little 2yr old got smart on us!" She nailed that one! But the boy has got the BEST personality his timing is perfect on making the silliest face or a great big bear hug! But pretty certain he is in no way prepared that this baby will actually not live in my tummy forever much less take up space in his house!

K Baby: I believe is missing her siblings during the day! She and Sue Bee played all day so well together. C Cakes and her play together BUT he is a boy and just not the same as big sister! We'll see what bringing Ocho home does for this... a lil nervous!

Sue Bee- Is loving Kinder! She got student of the month Friday so was very excited!! Her teacher had her baby 2wks ago so after that she was VERY anxious for her own brother or sister to arrive! Only problem she is having is NO NAP at school. She LOVES her naps and is so very tired by 4PM on school days! Her little personality is so outgoing and witty she just keeps everyone on their toes!!

Cani Bear oh Cani Bear!! This boy!! Funny as all get out, smart and sweet as can be! Line up girls, leave ur dating info and I will contact u if u are approved (but don't hold ur breath) Cani Bear keeps his eyes on older girls like lifegaurds and his teachers!! His latest achievement was getting second place in the district wide chess tourny. He beat out 4th and 5th graders for this!! Made me feel a little guilty fussing at him to turn the lights out at night and stop playing chess against himself!! Guess he taught himself a thing or two!!

Squeaks- is having an awesome year!! She is staying after school to play volleyball, she has started first communion at church and gets to attend youth group now!! Grades are great and maybe just maybe she's coming out of her shell a little. But u have to keep in mind she falls between 2 of our most outgoing kids so this is tough for someone who is shy!!

Red Red Red- she is a 13 yr old girl! That should say it all! Loving cheer, loving social life, and doing well! She keeps me on my toes!

Big C- If I listed what he wasn't in it would be quicker!! Starts each day at 6:30 running and ends it in lord only knows what activity! HOSA officer, Engineering Pres, he'll be going snow sking w the youth group during Christmas, always something going on and still able to keep all A's!! And most important keeping a focus on his future!! He's thinking about a lot of different areas but all I could see him being sucessful in! Its exciting for us to hear his dreams (even if they change a couple times a week)

As for the crazy parents...we are taking it all in stride! We were driving somewhere the other day and just had to laugh! The conversations that were taking place behind us were just hilarious! And that is just our life!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well the first week of a new school year is in the books!!
Sue Bee has started Kinder. The first day she came running to the van to tell me she met a vampire A REAL one! Her friend is a vampire the entire family is!! But don't worry she promised not to bite!! Can she come over to my house mom? Why sure just not on Halloween!! :) By Wed she told me she wasn't going to school tomorrow... no reason just wasn't going! No worries she was out of bed, dressed and ready to go without complaint Thurs morning!! She seems to be having fun! Her teacher is preg (due 2wks before me) so she was out on bed rest this entire week but will return Mon morning.

Cani Bear started the 3rd grade! He got 2 great teachers and seems to like his class~ though he hasn't gotten to say much thanks to his chatter box sister!!

Squeaks seems to like 6th grade. She has classes with girls she has hung out with at the pool for years and has met new friends through them!! This was something we all were hoping would happen. It's not always easy finding friends being raised the same way now days. She even seems to like her teachers so that's always good too!! Looking forward to watching her grow this year and find her wings! And seems like we're off to a great start!!

Oh Red.... She as always is loving school though the actual classes get in the way of her social life!! :) She too has a good schedule and will do fine. Next week will be her first week to cheer at a game so I know she will love that!! Should be a fun year

Hard to believe we have a Soph. in High School!!! Big C has some tough classes but not as tough as the next 2yrs will be :) He decided to run Cross Country this year so he is at school by 6:30 running 6-9 miles. He seems to like it so far! He decided to do it to help with off season soccer training. I think he's starting to think about what activities are going to take priority during his last last 2 years and thinking ahead for what colleges will look for. I love that he is focused on th road ahead. He is thinking biomedical eng. as of now.... time will tell!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Last Day Of Summer Break!!

4th annual

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aug 17th

After an 8mo battle and a very long tough week my step father lost his battle to cancer.

In the last week I've reflected on this relationship and the involvement/impact he had on my life, my husbands life and most importantly my kids life. I'll be the first to admit we did not see eye to eye when he and my mother got married. I was probably 12/13 yrs old when my mom met him. Now raising my own teens I have to wonder why in the world did this man not RUN and never turn back? Why would he willingly enter into the world of teens when he had no children of his own?? 20+ years later I respect him for not allowing us to run him off.

I moved out, got on with my own life and may not have always made the best choices~ but unless asked he kept his opinion to himself and let me make my own mistakes~ something that helped make me who I am today! I quickly met my husband and got engaged. He and my husband hit it off right off. Though it got to be a bit of an inconvenience cause he ended up always wanting my husband to spend his days off helping him or going and doing things with him. Again at the time it was quite a PITA. Between my step dad and my husbands dad my poor husband was being run ragged helping them. We ended up having to draw a line in the sand just so our lil family could grow develop and have time for things in our immediate lives. But that bond and the time my husband spent with my step dad that first year year and a half of our life together formed memories my husband will cherish forever.

Shortly into our marriage we welcomed our first child. This wasn't shared for years later but while I was preg my step father said to my mom "they aren't going to just think they can dump their kids here every weekend and expect us to care for them are they" after our son was born and he realized we were very much attached parents he asked my mom "do you think they will ever let us watch that boy?" When I had my first child is when my eyes were open to the heart of this man!! Here he was a gruff retired police officer that absolutely ADORED my son. Not having kids of his own he thought every little thing my son did was the most awesome thing in the world...he continued to think this way til Aug 15th when he saw my son for the last time!! He enjoyed every second and event of his life. He loved all my kids but being his first grandson and never having a boy of his own he loved seeing my oldest grow from a little baby to smirking about him starting drivers ed!

In the last week though it has really surprised me of my blood relatives reaction to this loss. Not once has anyone called to ask how my kids were doing with his death. Yet in the past week I've realized more and more that being blood related doesn't "make" you a father or grandfather. In my adult life when %$#@ hit the fan and we would need advice or help fixing something we always called my step dad first. Of course we learned to weed out half the BS he'd add but the other half of his advice was right on usually saved us time and money and taught us many lessons in life. You know the guidance that any father would offer. While I was sitting in a flooded house alone 9mo preg with 5 kids only one person came to try to get us wasn't anyone who was "blood" related. When he saw he couldn't get to me he offered to do anything he could to help. I declined all his offers and assured him we'd be fine. Before the water had even receded it was my step father who had made calls to line up restoration people to come help us clean up. Through the years my husband, my kids and myself have had disappointments of "family" not being involved in special events for one reason or another. But Aug 6th we had a birthday party for our 2 youngest kids. In 15 years and 7 kids this was the very first birthday party he ever missed of my kids. 4 blood related grandparents and none of those can say they made it to every birthday party. But the non blood related one didn't miss one until he was confined to bed dying! Christmas 2011 will be the first Christmas of my kids lives that their PaPaw is not with them. Every single Christmas the blood related parents/grandparents just cause us stress and disappointment about seeing us and their grandchildren...but not once not one single Christmas morning did my children not see him~ not because we'd tote them over to his house to see and spend time with him. Because he made these little precious people his priority. He never put his own needs or wants before those of my kids. My kids could have called him for ANYTHING and without hesitation he would have given them whatever he could in life. When my kids pick up the phone to call many blood related relatives they joke for half an hour listing the excuses that they predict will come from the other end of the phone!!!

So in all this rambling of reflection this sums up what my step father meant to our family.... “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life.”

Thank You Greg/PaPaw for loving my family! I know my children will cherish the time you spent with them and the memories made!!

July/ beginning of Aug

Well after our camping trip the kids had back to back VBS's. Which they were given a little souvenir at the last one... The Stomach Bug!! In our house that is one that lasts a couple weeks :( And my least favorite part of motherhood!! During that time Big C started drivers ed every morning and cross country, Red had cheerleading camp, K Baby had a birthday,Big C had a birthday, and we registered everyone for school! That was just our household.... Unfortunately my step father started going downhill with his battle from cancer about this same time and my MIL had surgery along with my FIL having quad bypass! It was a CRAZY 2 weeks to say the least! All the while my other half worked 12 straight and busy days too! But we got through it all and tried to make the best of the final days of Summer! Oh and did I mention I'm 8mo preg during all this in triple digit heat!! BUT we keep on truckin and enjoy our lemonade along the way!!

Loads of fun in July!!

In July we met family from Louisiana at a campground/waterpark for a couple days of fun!! We were hoping to get all the 3rd cousins together...that didn't pan out but was a loss to those who did not come cause the kids all had a BLAST!! Hard to believe we were able to get 12 kids together and have everyone get along the entire time!! Hopefully we have started another family tradition and others will join us the next time!!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Well June consisted of P taking a long weekend off to go camping....That turned into a staycation because we just couldn't get some of the little things done to go camping. So our staycation consisted of Peach/blackberry picking and a day in the hill country. I really didn't know the kids would enjoy it "THAT" much. They have already asked for it to be one of our yearly traditions! The next day we went to a waterpark about 2hrs away but we LOVE it! Not too big not too small and something for everyone to enjoy! Not sure who had the most fun C Cakes going down all the slides or Big C taking him on them all! It was a lot of fun!! No pics from the waterpark but here are some from the orchard.

Friday, August 12, 2011

WOW can u tell Summers been busy??

Lets see all the kids did complete the school year and did VERY well! I think we got the biggest kick out of Cani Bear (our goofy, push the buttons, always putting on a show, making us laugh kid) got the Citizenship Award basicly the most well behaved kid in class!! Squeaks had a fabulous graduation from 5th grade! Which moves her out of elementary now!! We went and registered her yesterday...I pray her year goes smoothly. She is still much more reserved and a bit more of a follower so we have to use different parenting approaches with her. But 6th grade is a perfect year to find out a little more about who you are and what your strengths are. She is very coordinated and could be a very strong athelete! Hope her coaches also point this out to her! The older 2 completed the year with a bang too moving to the 8th and 10th grade

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter pics!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Downhill Stretch!!

21 More Days Of School!!! Yes I am probably looking more forward to Summer than even the kids I LOVE our Summers!!! I say this like we are going to just sit around and relax or something HAHAHA!!! I just looked at the month of June OMG its going to be CRAZY!! But a fun no homework, no projects, no school routine kind of busy!! The last day of school is June 2nd. Red leaves for her school trip to New York 4 days later! She arrives home at probably midnite or later and we get up a few hours later to go camping. Sadly it is the only way we could squeeze a trip in in June!! Then we are back from camping for 3 days and Big C leaves for his national Engineering competition. He is gone for at least a week (haven't even gotten the dates)he gets hm and the following day the 2 older girls go to different camps for a week! There you have it June is already gone!! Poof just like that one month of our break will be history!! July isn't quite as crazy but will be filled with another family camping trip, Red will have cheerleading camp, and Big C plans to volunteer at the hosp for the summer!! Aug purposely was left a little less hectic so everyone will be in town. I know this too will fill up quickly but at least all my kids will stay within 10 miles of us and be home all together!! I might just have to oh I don't know prepare for A BABY that will quickly follow the start of school!

To back track and update Big C went to Eng Comp last month and got 1st place which gave his group the invite to nationals. With this they could own patent rights to their creation. As mentioned Red will have cheerleading camp! This would be because she tried out and made cheerleader!! How in the world did I of all people become a "Cheer Mom"? Soccer mom Swim mom Baseball mom all I would have seen myself as but CHEER MOM!! I will NOT be wearing any big bows and walking around w/ a video camera capturing my childs every move I can promise you that!!! She's excited and that's all that matters!! She is finding out quickly that her lifestyle though causes her to have to work and save a lot of $$$ to partake in all these activities. Most people just assume that with 7 kids the grandparents support and pay for these things (I guess they assume this cause most people w/ just 2 or 3 kids do things that way now days!!) NOPE we're old school our kids each have x amount of $$$ set aside from us to pay for their "extras" each year. Once that is gone they have to save the rest themselves! So Red is pinching every penny right now as she has to pay for half of cheerleading, earn spending $$ for NY and pay for camp (hence one reason she is going to a different camp this year)She may not like that she isn't given everything like some of her friends but in the long run she will grow up with respect to the mighty dollar or so I hope OR she'll just follow what I've told her all her life "Marry RICH!!"

As for the others....
Squeaks celebrated her 11th birthday last month!! She is going today to tour her new school for next year! Hard to believe she will be finishing Elm school! She is as excited as Squeaks gets about anything!! Just goes with the flow and takes it all in stride!

Cani Bear- is still his typical self!! Silly as ever but when it comes to school and school work this boy kicks bootie!! I'm anxious to see how he'll do next year when he starts getting real number grades. His last report card they didn't test him in reading once I read the comments to why it said they don't test past level 20 in 2nd grade (he passed that the first half of the year) For him being such a little toot at home I always worry he might get bored and get in trouble at school but luckily he behaves himself too!! Pray this continues!!

Sue Bee- Is SO EXCITED about starting Kinder!! She talks about it daily! She may end up being the little trouble maker. This girl does NOT ever stop talking!! Wonder where she gets it from??? I have no idea how she will sit #1 all day and #2 sit without opening her mouth!! She has 2 very loose teeth right now so (thank you Dr Al who told her she'd loose them this summer) she asks a couple times a day if they are ready to fall out! May I remind you I HATE teeth I can't stand to even see a tooth get wiggled. So I'm ready for them to be gone so I don't have to look at em anymore!! :) She is my mini me her preferred shoe to wear is her rollar skates! and she can skate too! She is just a ball of energy all day long!!

K Baby- Well to start with she no longer wants to be called K baby or her K name at all she will correct us and tell us her name is Capricia her way of saying Patricia!! We'll see if this sticks or if its a phase I guess whatever she decides will be her "name". She is a strong willed hard headed little girl but at the same time so gentle and sweet. She is probably our easiest child of all! Always replies w yes mam and takes very little correction to get her to mind! A little sneaky but good! She is going to be a great helper next year!!

C Cakes- Well he is a wild and crazy boy!! He will be our first broken bone or stitches. This kid will just jump. No care in the world what will or won't catch him! Might even be sillier than C Bear. And a smile and big blue eyes that just melts your heart!! He's a fun little boy that is really starting to bloosom into a little person. Still not talking much but I've learned not to worry about that they will talk when they have something to say!!

Ocho- is growing well! Kicking moving growing and behaving thats all I can ask! We are about 16 1/2 weeks we'll have another sono at our next appt but we WILL NOT find out the sex so don't bother asking or trying to change our minds cause it just won't work! The kids of course want to know but P and I both have no desire to find out we really liked not knowing until the BIRTHday so considering it is our child we kind of get the deciding vote!! :) But of course always excited to see the sono and watch our little miracle move and react inside!

I will try to load some pics from Easter soon! They are still on my camera! P was on call so we just have pics from hanging out here hunting confetti eggs! But it was fun!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life in Numbers....

52- The number of school days left in the year!!! We are on Spring Break right now and though I LOVE the break it sure makes the rest of the school year hard to cope with. The time has changed so we will be trying to get everyone inside fed, showered and to bed while still light outside and we ALL just want to stay and play outside all night. BUT within those 52 days we still have State Eng comp, cheerleader tryouts, 5th grade graduation, and I'm sure a zillion other events so I'm sure it will fly by!!

35- This would be how old I turned on my birthday last month....AND I woke up sick @ 3:30 AM on my birthday and sadly have been sick with one thing or another ever since. I'm not sure that is a good sign! Not to mention most of the kids and hubs have been sick at some point in there too!! Always seems to happen either the 2wks before or after my birthday EVERY year!! No matter what anyone says that to me is NOT middle age all my grandparents have lived to be over 80 so I'm holding on to that!! I will finally admit I am in my mid 30's!!! :)

20- This is evidently the going rate for History projects these days!! I found this out with a lil phone call from the principal a couple weeks ago. He starts the conversation with "It appears your son is quite the little entrepreneur. As he says it a mothers pride starts to bubble inside a little. He had just returned from Engineering comp so I thought he was going to be asked to present his idea @ a program or a group. That pride quickly took a hike as he continues. "It appears your son is charging $20 to do other kids projects" "He did his own project but then also did a second one for profit." As a parent I wasn't real sure how to react I figured busting out laughing may not be appropriate. Luckily he continued on to tell me his punishment so I just listened. He then asked if I'd like to speak with my son...Ummm Yea I think so!! So in my very Stern mommy voice I proceeded to remind the son that one of our rules is a call from the principal = 10 times worse punishment at home!! P had the day off that day (we were actually out to celebrate my b-day) so we had all day to discuss the situation and punishment. I think my biggest disappointment was the fact that here he is a GT student but he couldn't think far enough ahead to not turn in the same thing.... which it was later discovered he DID indeed do a totally different project and only got caught because kids narked on them!! For some reason that made me feel much better about the situation. So through the day we replayed the convo with the principal with different ways I could have reacted... "why yes sir we are aware. Times are tough and we have 7 mouths to feed we all have to find ways to make a little extra cash." OR maybe this one would have been better "I am so sorry sir. My step dad is dying of cancer and his treatment costs thousands of dollars every little bit helps" or "Do you know how much college costs now days sir" and of course the #1 question What happened to the $$$ ?? Well the principal actually never asked for it back we made our son return it to the principal to return to the idiot that had to run his big mouth!! :) Though we laugh about it behind the sons back he paid dearly for his actions the following weekend and I'm pretty certain he will think twice about doing it again!! As parents we were thankful it was the sale of a history paper not of drugs. I wish I could think this would be the worst thing in parenting we'd have to deal with....

19- This would be the number of days my poor husband has to work without a day off. Any other time it probably would be no big deal but that is every single day of Spring Break. The week before the week after and everything in the middle!! So needless to say we are hanging out close to home for Spring Break this year. All part of being the "new boy" :)

8- This may be our new favorite number or as we are saying "Ocho" We found out last month that Ocho will be joining our family the end of Sept beginning of Oct!!! All are very excited and there is a clear battle over boy or girl!!! Some want to stick with a pattern others want to even things out!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

38 days til SPRING!!!

Just sayin!!! :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


So yesterday the kids got a "snow day"! As we went to bed the forcast was calling for us to get 1-3" of snow! That would have been great....but as luck would have it that forcast quickly went down the drain. By 11 that night roads were a total mess ICE all over them! By 1am school for the kids in MY HOUSE had been called off :) Wasn't sure about the rest of the district BUT this momma doesn't do ice!!! At 3 I got up and still NOTTA! I felt like I was sitting in a bubble as everyone all around was getting SNOW!!! By the time we got up @ 6 it had indeed Snowed sticking mainly to the driveway and sidewalk due to the ice skating rink under it. I had visons of blood in the snow, cracked tail bones, and 7 kids falling all over the place!! BUT we did bundle up and venture out in it all! It was pretty and was enjoyable I won't go as far to say "FUN". But a great memory to say the least!! Here are some pictures from the 2011 Texas Snow/Ice!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well here it is another year... Some years you enter with a little more hesitation than others. This is one of those years!!

2010 was for us a pretty good year. If we could take the last 2 months of it away it would have been clasified as pretty awesome!! :) But I guess we have to count all 12!I know our year will be filled with more joy and blessings than sorrows but when you know there is inevitable sorrow on the horizon it is easier to be pessimistic instead of optimistic!!! But I know that things which do not kill you make you stronger. So I will make it a point to see the silver lining in all things. To count every blessing no matter how small it may seem. And know that He Is the same yesterday~today~and FOREVER!!! I will praise him in the good and in the bad and know that the "why's" are not for us to understand!

As we enter 2011 I am blessed with a wonderful husband with a job he enjoys, kids that are healthy and awesome, a business that I can do when I want and be my own boss, and more finacial stability than we have ever had!! (ALL on our own with 7 kids if I may add) :) So though life with our extended family may offer challenges and sorrow. The blessings and joy within our immediate family just couldn't get much better and for that I am beyond grateful!!!

May you find many blessings in your life in 2011!!