Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall Family Fun!!

Oh my we have added another tradition to our family! The corn maize!! It was so much fun. It is hard to find things that an 11 yr old enjoys and a 2 yr old but we did!! And considering some guy was coming in with his date I don't see them out growing it!

As for Halloween we will have a gypsy, Daisy Duck (if mom gets busy making it), Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and a pumpkin if it cools off (if its hot she might be Claira Bell)

Yes that is my OLDEST on the hay!

Hard to believe Christmas is 2 months away... Oh my that's like 8 weeks!! YIKES!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This and That!

Big C got in the car and told me it was his best day of school yet. He walked by a message board and saw posted his name as Student of the Month. We were pretty impressed because out of 350 some odd kids he was selected by his teachers for this.Plus his name was drawn to be "the big cheese" in GT for the week. And to top his day off his art teacher told him the principal picked his clay project as his favorite (I say project because I'm not sure exactly what it is)!! Gee it's great to have a smart artistic cheese head for a son!!

The fair was this past weekend! The older kids had fun working the petting zoo and the younger kids love viewing the petting zoo.

The big girls are doing well no real news for them- doing great in school and getting busier little schedules!

Little C is little C we just never know what he'll say next! But usually we look at each other saying "how'd he know that?" or "he's going to spend a lot of time in the office next year!"

Miss almost 2 yr old has learned the word NO and says it quite often and in such a I'm 2 years old tone!

Miss angel baby is still just that! Sleeps like an angel, talks likes an angel, smiles like an angel, she is just an ANGEL!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

What kind of parents does this boy have???

I let him keep it for a week. He's been talking back this week so I shaved it and told him he has to earn it back! Daddies got shaved too he figured he better not go to work like that!