Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day Of School

OK pictures will have to follow later....I've tried uploading them to here for 3 days and its just not working :(

Big C started the 8th grade this year! Hard to think he'll be in high school in just another year!! He is excited about the year talking non stop everyday so far about it all. He is taking the toughest academic classes offered to him but still is able to squeeze in like 4 electives. But for the most they too will either help guide him onto the right track for high school or at the least look great on applications in coming years. He is thinking much further ahead in life than most of us could imagine! Last week he was applying for the Airforce Academy...yes seriously you can apply at his age! And he did that on his own!!

Little Red started the 6th grade! She has not acted "excited" but not "upset" either! She has been very quiet each afternoon which is very unlike her. She too is in the toughest classes offered and I think that has her a little worried. She needs the challenge though and to have this year as a confidence builder.I think I may be saying "Can't Never Could" a lot to her! We discussed how much attitude played a role in things too. She of course is a little more focused on the social aspect of school! No clue where she got THAT from!

Squeaks started the 4th grade! What a HUGE difference this year has been starting out! Last year she had cried each day begging to be home schooled! This year she seems SO EXCITED. I think it helps she got the teacher she wanted! I hope she is able to come out of her shell a little more this year finding activities she enjoys! For the first time ever she is the "oldest" of the family at school so she isn't always so and so's little sister!!

And then Cani Bear....God bless his teacher!! He does behave usually at school and does VERY well. But this year he has some wild classmates that just may put that poor teacher over the edge!! This is the same 1st grade teacher Red had and we're friends with her and adore her! He will actually have 2 teachers the other is young fresh out of school so she has a lot of energy and ideas! He will also start being pulled out for GT next week. This will be a new adventure for him and hopefully give him the extra challenge he needs to stay on track behavior wise! My only issue right now is getting his school supplies to stay in HIS box so he is not chewing on the same pencil the kid next to him just had in his mouth and sent home daily (and yes I may end up cleaning them too ;) ) !! This is ALWAYS a peeve of mine but a risk I can not and will not take this year with Icky being a newborn! Seems like all schools would be thinking ahead trying to keep kids well but obviously not so!! :( We'll see what is in the backpack today!! Otherwise the teacher is going to have a phone call in the morning!! And yes I talked to her once already but I know she can't monitor 22 kids all day so alot is just training C Bear!!

For having 4 kids in school we are very fortunate!! Not very often you get all good teachers and all the kids are excited for the year!! Lets hope it stays on track and they all end the year on the same note!! We are truly blessed to have such great kids!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Day Of Summer

Well Friday we celebrated our last day of Summer break!! In the past we've always had "water day" last year we added a shaving cream fight and the kids had so much fun we had to bring it back this year!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I can see the light!!

Well went back to the Dr this AM!! No change and I will see him again on Thursday! The good news is... if Icky is not here by Aug 29th then he will induce!! As done as I am that day would really work out great. First my Dr is on call so he will deliver-the kids will not miss school-we'll have a week of school behind us- I will have help with the older kids- It will hit right for P's paychecks and he'll get to be home for 2 weeks- and a bonus it will be prior to Sept 1st so we will get to decide when Icky starts Kinder not the state! We still just pray if I go into labor before that it does not go TOO quick and P is able to be here and I make it to the hospital. But we REALLY do not want Icky to arrive this weekend it would be very difficult on us all! Only one bad thing about the 29th....Icky will share Michael Jacksons birthday :) I guess we can get past some issues! It is nice to think though we will be holding Icky in just 8 short days!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Update...35 + weeks

Just got back from the Dr. Good news bad news. He wants me to stay on my meds for one more week...obviously they are keeping contractions less frequent and intense since I found out the hard way (stopped my meds) that they quickly resume fast and furious. I'm just DONE with the side effects they are really not enjoyable AT ALL but part of it!! The good news is I can resume normal activities probably not the best thing for him to tell me but you'd think after knowing me as long as he has he does know I only function in 2 speeds....stop and full speed ahead. :) SO we will be cleaning this weekend steaming couches,floors,and getting everything ready for Icky and next week we will try to hit the pool and enjoy the final week of Summer!! I'm sure Icky will make his/her appearance the WORST time possible....first day of school! I would seriously be crushed if I wasn't here to see my kids off and do our first day of school rituals :( Not to mention the one in charge of my kids during labor is a TEACHER. Unfortunately P and I are very much type A personalities with a bit of OCD so us not being able to make plans and do just doesn't work well for us. P had his mind made up that he was starting maternity leave on Monday thinking I'd go off the meds and as strong and frequent as they've been this time around he really didn't want to be 45 min away and I really wasn't wanting to be home with 6 kids alone and deliver! BUT its looking like he will work another week or 2 for sure. At this point 2 would be good so the kids can finish the first week of school and P can hit his pay days right (sadly he looses $$ when he takes off)Doc and I have the same prediction....we'll discuss induction next visit! As he laughed and said isn't that how this usually ends?? I tried getting him to set it up today but no luck!! So he ended the visit EXACTLY as I told one of the kids... "See you in a week if not sooner!" But this baby will come into the world when he/she is ready!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Aug already....

Well once Aug hits so does all the Back To School musts!! Of course it's a little hard to register 4 kids from bed! So P and my mom got to tackle that one. Of course there was a ton of paperwork that only a parent could fill out and info that P had no clue about!! But with a couple phone calls and a second trip to drop off paperwork all 4 kids are registered for another school year. The first day is the 24th so only 2 more weeks!
I have found one perk to bedrest...can't shop so mom also got the chore of finding school supplies. Some things I just know my husband would go crazy doing and I'm avoiding that at all costs right now!! So thank goodness for NaMaw! They are all bought labeled and in backpacks ready to go!! Now just to get the point across to the teachers that we WILL NOT be sharing school supplies this year. Thats always my wish but this year it will be my DEMAND. You know how many germs are on all those crayons and scissors. YUCK!!
Thank goodness I am a little bit of a type A personality and got clothes shopping for school done the beginning of July. That would have been a nightmare. But everyone has new clothes and school supplies so they are good to go now!! But lets pray Icky does NOT choose to make a debut on the first day of school that would be a little crazy for ALL involved! Even the weekend before would not be ideal SO you KNOW when it will happen ;) Hopefully we will have that last week of Summer to hit the pool and work in a couple last summer fun activities!! -
As for Icky...we went back to the Dr Thursday. My other half was a bit nervous Wed night with me having contractions every 4 minutes for a couple hours. He said he was fine delivering a 38 week baby at home but NOT a 34 weeker :) Luckily no change so we were just to stick with our same treatment. Then Thurs night was a crazy night for me with side effects from the meds. It's a crazy med on a normal dose but he has me completely maxed out and it has some crazy side effects some that I think I may be discovering. For 2 weeks my left ear has been numb causing a very weird hearing sensation. Dr checked it out and there was nothing in the ear like fluid to cause the problem but he had never had anyone complain of that before. Then that night the entire room was spinning and I could not lift my head off the pillow. The next morning I had a nose bleed which makes us think it was high B/P. So I decided the heck with this I'm stopping the meds. Friday was a great day contractions weren't much worse so I figured well the meds weren't doing anything anyway. AND my ear got better through the day. Then this morning I still wasn't taking my meds and contractions hit a little too crazy so it was back on the drugs I went...I will just live with the side effects for 5 more days and pray the Dr takes me off them Friday. The only thing is that means contractions would more than likely return like they did today within a day or so. Not really a "bad" thing because I'd be far enough along to deliver BUT that makes me really nervous because I wouldn't go running to the hospital with them like that because that is my normal BUT they go from my normal to baby in a matter of half an hour or less. SO the Dr and I will have to get more of a game plan laid out. Something along the lines of I'm calling him as I get in the car and he can wait for me a mile down the road and follow me to the hosp or deliver on the side of the road!! ;) Quick deliveries are great but this is the down side of them! But I guess that's just one of the risks of having a baby. I'm sure all will go smoothly and as I've told P we will do this until 38 weeks when the Dr induces me just like the past 4 times!!
The new OB opening has been pushed back too! It is now "set in stone for the 18th". We'll see if we make it!! And for all those misinformed or catty people I would love to have this baby in the new wing because it is BEAUTIFUL top notch technology and something as an employee of the hospital I have been part of watching from the ground up. Something that has been talked about honestly since I was hired there 17 years ago. So my "goal" is not to have the first baby born in the new unit as was so rudely stated to me today but I would be a bit ticked to be the last to deliver in the old one. BUT that is usually how our luck goes! But I'd guess when the time comes I really won't care what wing I'm in as long as I am at the hospital and not the side of the road or home alone with 6 kids!! Can you tell what I'm most nervous about?? :)