Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our baby is 6 months!!

Well let the second half of her year begin!! Oh the milestones we have to look forward to. She is working on her first tooth....getting up on all 4's, and is starting to sit up. She brings so much joy to every single day!!

We toss around "she looks like ___ today. No now she looks like _____!" Well the first picture here is her youngest big sis! The 2nd picture is of Baby K both at 6 months. So funny to see they are built just alike and so different from the older girls!! Looks like the clothes will never get packed away between them either!!

Yes the lighting is different but when #5 was born I kept saying "she's SO WHITE" when Baby K was born we both said "she's SO DARK" definately can see a difference in skin tone!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Busy Busy.....

As the title of this blog says Never A Dull Moment. Lets see since my last entry I am married to an OLDER man one who is now closer to 40 than 30. I'll have to rub that in for the next 4 years!

Baby K has been fighting RSV!! Not much you can do for it other than give it time! After treating the symptoms for a week we finally took her in and he gave her a steroid and ATB just to help her breathing and treat any secondary infections. He laughed and said those who say let it run its course obviously don't have 5 other kids to care for! By Friday we even got a smile or 2. Now she just wants that doc to help her cut these 2 teeth that are driving her crazy! Of course with 1 sick 2 more followed so we sound like we have a bunch of seals around here.

Miss terrible two is now like a little parrot repeating EVERYTHING and finding her own words for things! After a week of telling her no you don't need to play the Wii we figured out that Wee is what she is calling her dark haired big sis! WEE how that came from a K name I'll never know, She calls her other sisters by their names, Bubbie she says well and yells well too! Even better she yells CAAAAANNNIIIIIII but when he wakes up she looks at him and so sweetly just says Bear. Thats for our little Cani Bear. (that nickname came from one of his friends)Her personality is really starting to bloosom. And yes we'll be kept on our toes with her.

We are gearing up for the youth show now! We have sheared a goat gotten the show box ready and its getting cold and wet.... sure sign its show time!! While Big C and I went to church Sunday daddy and little red did a trial run of her bake good. And I must say GOOD it is. Good for breakfast, good for lunch, a good snack.....glad eating well and loosing weight wasn't my new years resolution!! So hopefully by Saturday we'll have 2 ribbon holders and $$$ for school and many more butterscotch crispy yummy things!

I'm sure there are a billion more things I'm forgetting but thats the gist for now!
I'll post pictures and update on how the show goes this weekend!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Definition Of Perfect

1 having all the required elements, qualities, or characteristics. 2 free from any flaw; faultless.

Baby K is just over 5 months. I told her daddy last week "I think if you looked up the word perfect you'd find her picture." well after the priest Baptized her today he handed her back to me and said "she is just perfect isn't she" Hummmmm sign from above??? Well though the edit may take Webster a while to publish we'll try to get the word out!