Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sum Sum Summertime....

I know most people assume I'd be pulling my hair out with 6 kids all home. BUT it's the opposite I LOVE SUMMER!! I love not having to set an alarm (most days) even though we are up about the same time its much nicer awakening to a sweet little cry than a loud annoying alarm!! Then we just go with the flow most mornings. It might be cleaning the house or getting to a camp but for some reason it's much more fun dropping the kids off at 8 o clock for camp compared to school! Little Red is off at church camp this week. I'm praying it is the best investment we make this Summer! We get to "watch" her all week through the web page pictures! That has been so much fun!! Though now she will be "bored" the rest of the Summer!

Mr Cani Bear is about to be put in solitary confinement for the next 2 months!! All I can say is PRAY for his kinder teacher!!

Miss Priss is talking up a storm!!Her voice cracks me up! My favorites right now... I help you dada!! I ride my BIKE- insert bicycling arm movement here! And K baby my baby!! And that she is! My kids all get along pretty well but there is just something about she and K Baby. Maybe its cause she curled up and slept wrapped around my belly before she was born....but it truly melts our hearts to watch!! I hope they always keep that bond because two other sisters fight enough for any one family!! (but yet it took less than 48 hours for someone to admit they missed their sister-probably was needing a good fight!)But overall I think we are pretty lucky!

Our favorite Summer activity... the pool!! All the kids love the water and even Miss Priss is learning to "swim" the others do great!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I can not believe our baby boy is FIVE years old!!! He is our little Jay Leno!! Always working the room for a laugh or two. He loves telling jokes, making up jokes and just being a clown!
His older siblings are fighting over who gets to teach him to read this Summer. Of course they all think they are the best for the task! Big brother has already worked with him on math and he has picked up on it all quite well! Hopefully he gets a teacher next year that will continue to build on that so the clown in him stays out of trouble!
He sure brings a spark into our family. Always bringing a smile to our faces!