Monday, November 24, 2008

Sue Bee is THREE!

Hello Trying 3's!! Well we made it out of terrible 2's with no real temper tantrums. Temper YES but none of the throw yourself on the ground like some kids do! So I fully suspect 3 will be her year!
She is by far our biggest Tomboy yet! She had a spider birthday party. She begs for a baby snake a couple times a week. And will get very upset if you "accidentally" kill any insect in this house! They are all her babies!!
She has a heart of gold for everything around her. Be it her baby sister, the cat or a spider she wants to play with and love them all!
The most simple things will make her so happy! I have never had a child be so excited for their birthday party. She talked about it everyday for months! She planned what kind, where and what friends to come! She wasn't worried if she got gifts she was most excited to give bubbles to her "friends." She handed bags out to all her "friends" including her grandpa, her uncle Jimmy, whoever she could because she wanted to share!
If she knows someone doesn't feel well shes the first to comfort them. If she does something wrong she is quick to apologize on her own!! She just loves to spread her joy to everyone around!! She always thinks of everyone around her. Wanting to take flowers to someone, she wants to buy others gifts all the time, and always the first to cuddle and say I love you or thats a pretty shirt!She is just plum genuinely sweet! Some kids do sweet things cause they are told to she does sweet things because she WANTS to!
Don't get me wrong she has a strong willed side to her but the sweet side dominates over the other!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Sue Bee!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

So busy so little time

My goodness what a busy couple weeks! We had a "picnic" for Halloween, we went to 2 assisted living centers to trick or treat and then trunk or treat. The kids seem to enjoy the Assisted Living the most (and they them) each year!

Then we headed for our annual corn maize trip! It seems to be turning in to a must do tradition because it was being requested for weeks!

Last night we had Big C's final football game! He caught 2 beautiful passes and got laid out pretty quickly following! Only injury was a jammed finger from the uncatchable pass!
Prior to the game we met with the big girls and C bears teachers!! Lets see little red is teachers pet- and has found her thing in public speaking! She has been on SA news introducing her school- she gives announcements in front of the entire student body! She claims she is going to be a news reporter! Squeaks teacher was very pleased too commenting on how polite and sweet she is! As for Cani Bear the teacher was warning us that as an entire grade level the Math "grades" were pretty low. Then she realized oh hold on he was the only one in class who got them all right-in fact he may be the only one in Kinder who got a perfect score. Then she proceeded to use the word perfect and then get this ANGEL!! I requested later for the superintendent to do a psych eval on the poor lady! She must be going nuts!! :) She referred to him as "a card" but she figured him out real quick and he doesn't pull much over on her! Big C is almost done with his 2nd 6 weeks! He had all A's the first 6 wks and appears to be following suit this time too! He gets a little sports break and will try out for basketball after Christmas!
Busy Busy but oh so fun!!