Tuesday, September 21, 2010

School Days School Days.....

And just like that another school year begins!!

Big C started HIGH SCHOOL!! Holy Cow where is time going??
Red- started 7th grade
Sqeaks- big man on campus...5th grade
Cani Bear- 2nd
and Sweet Sue Bee well we could have put her in PK but just couldn't part with her just yet!! Didn't u see above I said Big C started High School!! I was just dropping him off at PK! I won't give my kids up an extra year probably ever again!! So she stays home and isn't missing a beat!

So here they all are heading off to start a brand new year!!!

Kissing Summer 2010 Goodbye!!

How did I not already post one of our favorite traditions?? This is our end of Summer shaving cream fight for 2010!!! As always fun was had by all!!

You were great to have around, made for some fun times and we will be anxiously awaiting your return in June!!