Monday, April 26, 2010


I started the post below last set opened on my computer that long and still never got finished! :) So to be continued!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Cani Bear- Still the laugh of the family!! Give him something simple to do and he'll give you a laugh doing it! He went on his first fishing trip this past weekend. Yes with all the rain didn't catch much but I think he had a good time!! He is still doing wonderful in school and I think keeps his teachers on their toes! Having quite the crush on one of em ;) Just his picture here tells you a lot! But not only does he make good grades he does actually behave at school too!

SueBee- Oh SueBee she might should have been a red head! She is soooooo very sweet and has a heart of gold. She loves animals and still has her heart set on getting a "flicka" (horse) Lately though she is quite the drama queen and a little toot! She likes doing things she shouldn't and bringing K baby down with her! The latest was babypowder vs livingroom....I'm still cleaning it up a week later. This followed by feeding the chicks....about 25lbs of feed all at once but don't worry she took turns filling the cup with K baby!! :)

K Baby- We are POTTY TRAINED!! Such a big step in life! :) She is growing up so much. Sweet as can be but Bull headed! She is talking up a storm and quite frankly she is a funny little girl! She is happy go lucky and doesn't let much bother her!

Icky- He is quickly approaching 8mo he is rockin and a rollin gets around but not "crawling". He got his first top tooth this weekend. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and a gorgeous smile! He still won't eat any real food! He is still a big boy but has slowed down a little now! He continues to be an awesome baby. Just goes with the flow as long as you don't leave him alone he's good!

Cause this is how I roll these days....

SUEBEES Birthday Pics :)

These were taken in November just converted this weekend!!