Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And she's off!

We dropped Squeaks off at camp Sunday!! She seemed as excited as Squeaks gets about anything! :) I got her there early so she could be toward the front of the line to get pick of the bunks....as most first time campers-she picked the top! Not top of 2 but top of 3! I wonder if 2 days into she understands what we meant by hot air rises?? But you know what if she wants the top bunk so be it!! But I'd bet next year we get there early so she can get a bottom one! :)
We have seen several pictures of her. She got to go to the river toobing yesterday-played capture the flag last night- and looked like a hike this AM for teaching. We saw a non action shot today with she and a group of friends and a great big "fun" smile so I take it she is enjoying herself!
The pictures here are from when we dropped her off! Sue Bee already is excited about when she gets to go to camp in 5 years!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Do you ever wonder......

Do you ever sit back and wonder what people think of the life they see once they are dead and gone?? I sit and have to laugh at how gullible people in life are. And get quite disgusted by all the "church going christians" who go to church every Sunday Bible studies in between shouting to the world what a wonderful christian they are. But sometimes I have to question are these people maybe the ones who need to be reevaluated the most. They like the public to see them one way and to fit that I'm the perfect parent/friend/citizen mold. But then as life continues and the ghosts surface you find out that man in the second row serving his church and Lord is molesting his daughter the 6 days in between. Or the father who sits in church with his wife and kids only to commit adultery but go take communion every week and continue in his ways. Then you have those who blow smoke up peoples butts praising themselves and spreading lies and rumors stirring the pot any chance they get just to make the impression of themselves better-yet living a life of lies while others get hurt by the actions. So do you ever wonder when the family of these people die and look back on their lives and see what BS they believed their entire lives and how it impacted the people around them - do they regret their behavior? Are they saddened that they were so stupid going through life? Or do they still turn the other way only wanting to believe this oh so wonderful church going christian? Yes I am christian and therefore I live each and everyday knowing I am an honest person. Maybe that doesn't benefit me in my day to day life because wouldn't everybody love me if I was that person who lived a fake life just to fit the expectations of those around me at the time? A christian on Sundays, healthy when my doctor asks, the perfect wife, the perfect mother...... Nope I don't guess I fall into any of those categories BUT man it feels great to go to bed every night knowing I don't have a lie to defend or remember. And though I don't fit that "perfect" mold I find comfort in knowing that when those around me die they can see that in their life I may not have been in church every Sunday, I may not have been the perfect mother but as they look down they will see that I was the honest one always telling those around me the truth while others lives were built on lies. And how stupid are they going to feel when they see their maker and have to justify their actions toward the honest one??? So life may not be great everyday but god does it feel good to live an honest life and get to think about how stupid some people are going to feel when their day comes! And when my day comes and all my friends and family have to describe me I hope the first word that will come to mind is HONEST. And if I do not leave but one impressionable characteristic on each and everyone of my children I hope they will carry with them through their own lives the simple quality of living each and everyday of their life honestly even if it doesn't get you the furthest in life and the highest in life. Those are really not important when you stand at the fathers right hand.....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Day Of School

We finished up another school year yesterday. We now have a first grader, a 4th grader, a 6th grader and an 8th grader in the house! We had a busy week with many activities and award ceremonies. I don't know which was harder seeing our little Cani Bear graduate from Kindergarten or Little Red graduating from Elem school. It DOES NOT feel like 6 years since she started school. To think that Cani Bear was a newborn when she started....now look at life!
Patrick and I aren't the bragging type. Always proud but don't discuss it often with other people. But it's kind of hard NOT to recognize how awesome they all ended the year on. Cani Bear got Top Reader of Kindergarten reading 80 words a minute. When I talked with the reading specialist she said to let him read on a second grade level over the Summer that he could have easily read beyond what he did but she only tested to a certain level. He got accepted into GT so he will be in GT level classes for the rest of his time in school! The reading specialist also laughed (knowing me since before I was married) remembering when Cani Bear was born and she said the little bull in a china cabinet sure is different at school he has done really well! Lets just hope he continues down that same path and doesn't start getting comfortable and/or bored and show his true personality! Squeaks finished up the year with all A's and was the only one in her class to ace the math portion of her TAKS test (even scored better than the top kid in the grade) For starting the school year in tears skipping class asking to be homeschooled she came a long way and had a great year. She has never and will never like change and she is just much more shy so adjusting to things takes her a while. But this was a year that really helped build her confidence and she proved a lot to herself! Red got several awards at her awards ceremony including presidential award for exceptional grades. Her teacher could not talk more about what a wonderful leader she is. Next year will be a whole new adventure for her and probably a bit of a reality check when she gets to meet ALL the 6th graders in town. I know though with her personality she will easily hold her own in life. :) Big C continues to do wonderful! He was choosen as outstanding 7th grade boy, voted class most intellectual (did I spell that right) :) got accepted into the PALS program, voted class vice president AND made all A's all year except for one 89. He will be in mainly 9th grade classes next year even getting high school credit for some. The more he gets out of the way leaves more doors open for college credit while he's in high school. That would be FREE college credit. :) Of course we are always proud of our kids accomplishments but I think above and beyond what they acheive is the teachers and other parents comments as we pick them up. People in the general public (ok and some family) are quick to judge our family when they have to put the car in neutral to let us cross the street and we take all the stupid comments that come as we walk through the store. Because when those who know us and have watched our children grow come up compliment them and get excited to see we are expecting another one because as they say "we'd like a whole classroom of kids like these" one comment like that from an aquaintence trumps a dozen stupid large family comments anyday!! So we end the chapter on another school year. With full expectations of having a summer of just plum FUN! I know it won't happen but with as little hussle and bussle as possible so I can recharge to survive the Fall with 7 active kiddos!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

End Of School Fun

Today the little girls and I are trying to enjoy what could be the last school day just the 3 of us!! Ready to have all the kids home for Summer but have to admit we'll miss our "little girl" time. The little ones play so well together and we have had a lot of fun this school year. They have been at such fun ages and it is so fun watching them together. This morning we went to Wal Mart and bought new bubbles and came home and had some Wilbur and bubble time outside. Then we came in and made a cake. We will decorate it after nap and then go get Sue Bee's favorite afternoon treat a slush (so awesome that a 50 cent slush can make her so happy!) Next week will start our Summer time fun with frequent trips to the pool. After looking at our schedule the other day our Summer is going to fly by because it is already so jammed pack. Always a good kind of hectic!