Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where Did The Year Go??

I think that first year goes faster and faster each kid! How can I describe our sweet K Baby.... If she crys....respond!! She is pretty easy going so if shes crying she is either hurt or tired! She doesn't even cry for hunger cause she went a 9 hr stretch while I worked and refused to eat but didn't fuss either! She weighed in at 20lbs 8oz today making her the heaviest of the girls by this age! The sparkle in her eyes, smile on her face, and cute little giggle melts our heart!! She adds so much joy to each of our lives and shows us more and more the love the kids all have for each other!! Bubbie has really taken on the big brother role this Summer- he begs everynight for her to go sleep with him!!! Little does he know she wakes up at least every two hours and he WOULD NOT even hear her! (maybe that is what we need to do)

I am anxious to watch her little personality bloom over the next 6 months. This is such a fun stage she has really taken off walking these past two days and running is soon to follow!!Adding new words to her vocabulary everyday... so so fun! Yes that is a hint of red in her hair... not as red as big sis really a whole new color in the mix!

Monday, July 21, 2008

363 days.....

And we'll be the parents of a TEENAGER!!! We could not ask for a better son and his siblings couldn't have a better brother! Teachers will stop us and express the desire to have 20 like him! He loves his younger brothers and sisters and they adore him (even the one right under him but she won't admit it!) The younger girls usually prefer Bubbie over us! He played Soccer again last season and will start again in the fall- along with football and track in the spring! We'll see what the future holds as far as sports.It's hard to believe he will be a middle schooler in a couple weeks! We know these next 6 years are going to be gone in a blink of an eye.....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A year ago today.....

Well a year ago today is when our house flooded.... this photo was from the following morning as we waited for the clean up crew! Being the glass half full type of person I always know there is good that comes out of the bad...... but I never really figured it out on this one. But I'm sure someday it will be clear. But as for now I can say it seemed to wash the scorpions out of the house.

Below is a picture from the same area today..... could there just be a happy medium??

We can't even recall what a green field looks like now! :)

But we are all healthy and happy so a wet or dry field really doesn't matter!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

AND....She's Off!!

It's amazing how their personalities shine through at times like these. She was SO EXCITED after she made it across the hall. Then she got more and more excited each time she'd get started again. She still knows crawling is much quicker though! Counting the days till her big day!!