Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

Well another Spring Break has come and gone. Only 51 school days til Summer!! It is going to be a busy 9 weeks so hopefully it will go quickly. Big C will be starting golf he will be going to state DI comp. Squeaks has several choir perfomances and of course just all of the end of the year hoop la. So before we know it it will be pool time!! Most people think I would dread the kids being home!! NO WAY!! I love the be nowhere at anytime routine!! We really did nothing this Spring Break which made it all that much more relaxing!! These pictures are from the past couple weeks!!

Our Lucky Charm

At 6 mo he has 2 teeth- started sitting up about the time these pics were taken but still won't just set him down and walk off! He is still such a good baby but does not tolerate being left alone in a room for even a couple seconds. Still not really into the food thing! (Sadly these are just as much notes for myself as updating others) :)