Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter pics!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Downhill Stretch!!

21 More Days Of School!!! Yes I am probably looking more forward to Summer than even the kids I LOVE our Summers!!! I say this like we are going to just sit around and relax or something HAHAHA!!! I just looked at the month of June OMG its going to be CRAZY!! But a fun no homework, no projects, no school routine kind of busy!! The last day of school is June 2nd. Red leaves for her school trip to New York 4 days later! She arrives home at probably midnite or later and we get up a few hours later to go camping. Sadly it is the only way we could squeeze a trip in in June!! Then we are back from camping for 3 days and Big C leaves for his national Engineering competition. He is gone for at least a week (haven't even gotten the dates)he gets hm and the following day the 2 older girls go to different camps for a week! There you have it June is already gone!! Poof just like that one month of our break will be history!! July isn't quite as crazy but will be filled with another family camping trip, Red will have cheerleading camp, and Big C plans to volunteer at the hosp for the summer!! Aug purposely was left a little less hectic so everyone will be in town. I know this too will fill up quickly but at least all my kids will stay within 10 miles of us and be home all together!! I might just have to oh I don't know prepare for A BABY that will quickly follow the start of school!

To back track and update Big C went to Eng Comp last month and got 1st place which gave his group the invite to nationals. With this they could own patent rights to their creation. As mentioned Red will have cheerleading camp! This would be because she tried out and made cheerleader!! How in the world did I of all people become a "Cheer Mom"? Soccer mom Swim mom Baseball mom all I would have seen myself as but CHEER MOM!! I will NOT be wearing any big bows and walking around w/ a video camera capturing my childs every move I can promise you that!!! She's excited and that's all that matters!! She is finding out quickly that her lifestyle though causes her to have to work and save a lot of $$$ to partake in all these activities. Most people just assume that with 7 kids the grandparents support and pay for these things (I guess they assume this cause most people w/ just 2 or 3 kids do things that way now days!!) NOPE we're old school our kids each have x amount of $$$ set aside from us to pay for their "extras" each year. Once that is gone they have to save the rest themselves! So Red is pinching every penny right now as she has to pay for half of cheerleading, earn spending $$ for NY and pay for camp (hence one reason she is going to a different camp this year)She may not like that she isn't given everything like some of her friends but in the long run she will grow up with respect to the mighty dollar or so I hope OR she'll just follow what I've told her all her life "Marry RICH!!"

As for the others....
Squeaks celebrated her 11th birthday last month!! She is going today to tour her new school for next year! Hard to believe she will be finishing Elm school! She is as excited as Squeaks gets about anything!! Just goes with the flow and takes it all in stride!

Cani Bear- is still his typical self!! Silly as ever but when it comes to school and school work this boy kicks bootie!! I'm anxious to see how he'll do next year when he starts getting real number grades. His last report card they didn't test him in reading once I read the comments to why it said they don't test past level 20 in 2nd grade (he passed that the first half of the year) For him being such a little toot at home I always worry he might get bored and get in trouble at school but luckily he behaves himself too!! Pray this continues!!

Sue Bee- Is SO EXCITED about starting Kinder!! She talks about it daily! She may end up being the little trouble maker. This girl does NOT ever stop talking!! Wonder where she gets it from??? I have no idea how she will sit #1 all day and #2 sit without opening her mouth!! She has 2 very loose teeth right now so (thank you Dr Al who told her she'd loose them this summer) she asks a couple times a day if they are ready to fall out! May I remind you I HATE teeth I can't stand to even see a tooth get wiggled. So I'm ready for them to be gone so I don't have to look at em anymore!! :) She is my mini me her preferred shoe to wear is her rollar skates! and she can skate too! She is just a ball of energy all day long!!

K Baby- Well to start with she no longer wants to be called K baby or her K name at all she will correct us and tell us her name is Capricia her way of saying Patricia!! We'll see if this sticks or if its a phase I guess whatever she decides will be her "name". She is a strong willed hard headed little girl but at the same time so gentle and sweet. She is probably our easiest child of all! Always replies w yes mam and takes very little correction to get her to mind! A little sneaky but good! She is going to be a great helper next year!!

C Cakes- Well he is a wild and crazy boy!! He will be our first broken bone or stitches. This kid will just jump. No care in the world what will or won't catch him! Might even be sillier than C Bear. And a smile and big blue eyes that just melts your heart!! He's a fun little boy that is really starting to bloosom into a little person. Still not talking much but I've learned not to worry about that they will talk when they have something to say!!

Ocho- is growing well! Kicking moving growing and behaving thats all I can ask! We are about 16 1/2 weeks we'll have another sono at our next appt but we WILL NOT find out the sex so don't bother asking or trying to change our minds cause it just won't work! The kids of course want to know but P and I both have no desire to find out we really liked not knowing until the BIRTHday so considering it is our child we kind of get the deciding vote!! :) But of course always excited to see the sono and watch our little miracle move and react inside!

I will try to load some pics from Easter soon! They are still on my camera! P was on call so we just have pics from hanging out here hunting confetti eggs! But it was fun!!