Thursday, April 23, 2009

I've been an AWFUL blogger!!

In case anyone ever can pretty much count on a CRAZY busy life in this house for the first 5 months of every year for oh lets say the next TWENTY years!! :) We are running non stop pretty much everyday and every weekend. If I ever set still long enough to actually think about things I too would probably ask myself the question everyone asks me "how do you do it!" But fortunately we just take it all one day at a time enjoy every minute of it and go full force!!

Lets see both of the older kids competed in DI regional competition the end of February. Both teams advanced to state that was held in March. We had a break from activities during Spring Break in March and we took advantage of the break doing very little! Went to Sea World one day and then the weather got cold and nasty so we hung around the house playing catch up! Once Spring Break was over it seems the usual craziness kicked into high gear!! After a couple slow months with the business things really picked up in March and April. I have done school pictures for two local preschools which I was really excited about. Another photographer in town has closed her business and has referred many of her regular clients to me! So if Patrick is not working one of his two jobs I usually have a shoot scheduled. Then of course I have to fit editing in between 9pm and 6:30am (a lot can get done at 3am) I am truely loving my work though and it is perfect for our family right now!

We celebrated someones 9th birthday and Easter all in the same weekend! Both were very enjoyable but celebrated between another passing of the stomach bug. (our house is full enough we no longer are accepting visits from her!! She has certainly over stayed her welcome this year)

Somewhere in there we also got 2 four legged family members. A mamma longhorn and her calf and she is about 5mo preg too! So the kids are excited about having a "baby' cow. Sue Bee has big plans on riding them!! If anyone could do it she would!

We are all living life to the fullest and having fun in the process! We are down to just 6 weeks left until Summer and will be welcoming Baby C or K in about 18weeks max!! Ichy is growing great! had a sono last week and everything looked great! The lady knew we did not want to see between the legs so we got many upper body shots. But she did have to snap a picture for us of the tightly crossed legs and said even she does not know if this is a boy or a girl!! We are both very excited about not knowing and the kids are all very irritated about not knowing!!

Life is good- Life is busy- Life is Fun and there's Never A Dull Moment!!

I will post some pictures soon!