Thursday, March 22, 2012


I wish I could use Winter (causing me to hibernate)as an excuse to be SO behind on updates!! But did it even freeze here this year?? Guess the only excuse I can give is trying to keep up with a house,husband and 8 very busy kids!! This won't be much of one either seeing I hear a baby whimpering and it's almost time for big kids to get home!! BUT Sweet Pea/ "E" aka Ocho is doing great!! Spoiled beyond belief but great!! At her 4mo well baby check I mentioned her eye was crossing still- "getting better" but still crossing! Dr scared the doo doo out of me wanting it checked right away!! Well "right away" in health care was this month AND her vision is fine she is not cross eyed but the bridge of her nose is big making it appear her eyes are crossed (yes Drs quote)!! Alrighty then corrective eye surgery NO nose job well maybe!! She is precious big nose and all! She did decide to roll over this weekend!! I told you shes spoiled she doesn't ever lay on the floor so how could she roll over any sooner?? Glad she's #8 or I'd be freaked out that she isn't meeting every milestone as everyone things she should!! She is just skipping some of the basics and moving on to bigger more productive means of survival!! Not sure who spoils her the most... She loves Big C- Red is a little mother hen to her- Squeaks ehhh she doesn't like her crying so much- CBear adores her and she thinks he's the funniest thing!-Poor Sue Bee really only gets to enjoy her on the weekend cause she comes hm does hmwk eats and goes to bed Kinder wears her out!!K Baby adores her and C Cakes has started to really show her a lot of affection lately (mainly cause we are getting past Flu season and I actually let him touch her now) Go ahead with your germaphob comments but knock on wood she has only had one cold in a family of 10 something works! So that said she has finally gotten out of the house a little more (of course your thought of getting out a little and mine are still probably polar opposites)But i am excited Spring is here so we can get out of the house more!! These are her Easter pictures!! it took 8 people to get that one smile-she doesn't give em much!!

Quick update on others... Big C is at state comp for Eng this weekend, next he goes to state for HOSA, then who knows what follows :)
Red made Freshman cheerleader! She is very excited but i think reality hit when she saw how much her half was to pay!! Don't i fit "cheer mom" perfectly (oh hush i might can pull it off...or not) :/ I had to keep reminding myself its her life not mine and she really wanted this!! So i am excited for her!!
C Cakes is getting big talking much more and is definitely a TWO year old...I really hope he proves me wrong as I usually laugh of parents of 2 yr olds and say wait til 3! :) He is a handful but his big blue eyes save him often!!

The others are all fine just not much to report!