Friday, August 17, 2012

A year has passed

Hard to believe it's been a year ago today since we lost my step dad! I can't even tell you how many times we have wanted his input and advice on things!! Yes we joked and it annoyed the hell out of us that he always knew everything about whatever came up! If he didn't know it he had the time to google and call and figure out how to do it!! And that we have missed time and time again!! He seems to like to make his point through flickering lights....seriously twice we were either talking about what he wanted or deciding what to do and out of the blue the light around us flickered! DooDooDoo!!! I always knew my mom was an amazingly strong woman but she could never have proved it more than over the last year and a half!! If the first year is the toughest then I think she will be A Okay cause she really couldn't have been dealt a more difficult 12mo than what she just conquered!! Now for her to enjoy retirement!! Through the year time and time again I was reminded that blood is not what makes you family!! I will always be sad that Kyrie and Caull won't know their PaPaw but know he is watching over us all! Not sure if that is good or bad :) guess if my lights flicker we'll know!!

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