Wednesday, June 13, 2012


2 weeks later!! :) Sue Bee Sue Bee!! Not sure she is really excited about 1st grade...she'd much rather take her teacher with her!! Finished up the year reading up a storm! I think she made the rounds through all the grades to read to their classes! C Bear rocked his awards this year!! Every single award was checked on his list except perfect attendance (which he missed by like 30min the day his sister was born)Most proud was he got the Citizenship award second year in a row! The kids must be really bad in his grade ;) We survived the 6th grade...they really should make Tshirts! She is excited to be starting middle school! I think this one is going to be our athelete! She's excited about trying out sports!! Not sure she'll like morning practice though! As for now she's ours that likes sleeping late on Summer mornings! She is at church camp this week! Sit back and hold on tight!! The next 4 years is going to be a wild and crazy ride with Red!! 12 days into Summer and she has already been to cheer camp and at church camp now!! Hard to believe this time next year Big C will be starting the application process for college!! WAY TOO FAST!! He did get the job he applied for he is now just waiting to turn 16! He will be working at the hospital! He is volunteering until then doing what he got hired to do! He has already been to leadership camp, he goes to nationals this month, TN on a church trip in July plus another leadership camp and then will start work the 1st of Aug!! Crazy busy! But he should be an phenominal leader by the end of the Summer!!

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