Thursday, April 26, 2012

Food On The Table

My new favorite thing!!

Can a favorite thing be a web site?? Well mine is!! I got a free lifetime membership code a couple months ago! Google maybe there are codes still out there!! I tried another menu site last year and it was OK but nothing like this! First you put in the store you shop at. The site then pulls up menus that work around your stores sale items. And when I say menu I mean you get a TON to choose from! I can then go in and adjust my serving size (cause yes no recipe is for a large family) Once I choose my recipes for 2 wks its on my menu...I then hit get grocery list it will show me everything I need to make everything on my menu. I then can delete what I already have. Once thats done I can pull up all sales at my store and add what I need to my list. And if I still have things to add I can type it in myself! My menu stays earmarked so I just have to pull up the recipe for the day and its all right there. It gives you all the nutitional info and you can request diet specific recipes too! I've been using this for a couple months now and there has not been a "bad" recipe yet! Its given us a change in meals, saved me a TON of time, and probably a little money too! Even if you have to pay the yearly fee it is well worth it!! ****UPDATE**** Found this on another site.... Sign up and use the code “SPRINGFREE” through the month of May and you can get this service for NO CHARGE!

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